Why I love Gmail

If you ask me what is my favorite webmail, I would say Gmail. It is very cool and fast, and has a clean interface. It is my main email account. I am loving Gmail, and here is why.

1. Spam control

Yup, Gmail automatically throws mails which seem to be spam to the spam section. Furthermore, Gmail deletes spam mail after it has been stored in the spam section for 30 days. Therefore, I don’t have to delete spam mail manually. Though, it has a ‘delete all spam’ button.


According to Wikipedia, this is how the spam filter works

“Gmail’s spam filters include a community-driven system, where emails marked as spam by one users provide information to help the system block similar future messages for all Gmail users.”

2. Filters

After I realized this feature, I don’t have to manually place certain mails in a their labels (a label is like a category in which the certain mails are stored) – I just have to apply some filter settings, and it will put the mails that I want to the label I choose. And setting a filter up is simple and easy.

(You click on ‘settings’, then ‘filters’. This is where you can manage or create filters.)

After you modify what kind of mail you would like to be filtered, click ‘Next Step’…

…and you will be taken to this page. This is where you modify the actions that are to be applied to the kind of mail you have selected.

When the kind of mail arrives at your inbox, the filter will apply whatever actions you picked for the following kind of mail. If you want some mails to be starred, but are tired to do it, simply add a filter. Pretty good, eh?

3. Themes

Another reason I love Gmail is its themes. It makes Gmail look more ‘stylish’. The theme I am using right now is the ‘Tree’ theme. To me, it looks very natural and ‘fresh’. It changes according to the weather in the city I picked. When it is raining in the city I picked, it will rain in my theme. And I am loving it 8) .


4. Speed

One more thing I like about Gmail is its speed. If I want to delete a mail, you just have to check the mails I want to delete, then click the ‘Delete’ button, and POOF! The mails I wanted to delete are in the ‘Trash’ section, almost instantly. If you click on an mail to view it, POOF! The mail is loaded, almost instantly. (As long as I have an internet connection).

5. Auto Refresh

Gmail automatically refreshes, so I do not have to manually refresh it (It has a manual ‘refresh’ button, though). If a new mail is sent to me, Gmail will display that mail in my inbox without I refreshing.


And that is why I love Gmail. But I must admit, I also have a Yahoo Mail account, but I rarely use it. So, I haven’t really explored the features of Yahoo Mail. Also, I have a Hotmail account, but rarely use it too, and don’t know much of its features.

In short, I like Gmail because of its clean interface, speed, features, and loads of space.

And so, what is your email provider, and why do you use it?

By Gloson

Hello, my name is Gloson and I am an 11-year-old kid who lives in Malaysia. Here, I blog about anything interesting that I learn, including how-to's tips, and more.

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9 replies on “Why I love Gmail”

Hi Gloson I am a Gmail fan and use lots of labels but did not know about the “filters” until I read this informative post. Thank you! Having gmail automatically apply labels will save me a lot of time.

Ya, Gmail is the best.
Not only the spamming. There’re many other features.. Too many and more coming soon.
Just as Diane said, filters and labels are good.
Even Pop/Imap is able to add to gmail.

Unfortunately, newer version of gmail crashes Firefox 3. So have to revert to older version for now.

I usually do not comment on blog posts but I found this quite interesting, so here goes. Thanks! Regards, P.

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