Why I Haven’t Been Posting Frequently in April

Hi guys 🙂

If you’ve been around Gloson Blog for a while, you’d have realized that I rarely posted on April. I’m very sorry for not posting because I was really, really, really busy with my upcoming funny poetry book for kids.

One day (13th April), as my mother flipped through the mock-up of my poetry book, she realized how plain the illustrations are (which I illustrated in December 2008), and how much it can be improved!

For example, my poem mentioned cakes and milkshakes, but there are no cakes or milkshakes in the picture! Only the main character is drawn.

Here is a shot of the before and after of the illustration of my poem, Shopping List.



Shopping List

“A bicycle,
some comic books,
a basketball,
some storybooks.

“A super robot
that’s  polite,
a  noisy  drum,
a giant kite.

“A model of
a dinosaur,
some chocolate
and sweets galore!

"A water gun,
a large TV,
a cold ice cream
dessert for me!”

Mom looked at list,
face full of gloom.
“I won’t buy ‘til
you clean your room!”

Here’s another one; Picnic (The one with he cakes and milkshakes)




I’m going on a picnic and
am feeling like a king.
I’m packing all the yummy stuff
that I just love to bring.

Some biscuits and a giant burger,
marshmallows and cakes,
roasted chicken and soft drinks,
some lollipops and shakes.

Some chicken nuggets, chocolate bars,
refreshing cherry punch.
Some doughnuts and potato chips
and oranges to munch.

A big umbrella, just in case
the weather becomes hot,
and now, I am prepared to drive\
to the best picnic spot.

At last I’ve made it to the spot;
I hope there are no ants.
Alas, I have to go back home
for I forgot my pants!

I’ve been working for 12 hours in a row (4pm until 4am) almost everyday for almost a month. My mother accompanied me while I worked.

It took longer than expected, because I became committed to draw every detail according to what my poems described. I was very exhausted but I wanted to finish the book as fast as possible because I wanted to help my family.

And, I didn’t go to school for almost a month for the sake of this project; my family has financial problems and I pray that this book is going to help us.

I missed a lot of lessons and now, I’ve to catch up with all the lessons and revise for my May exam (on Monday, which is tomorrow).

I probably won’t be posting much this coming week because I have to study for my May exam.

I’m really looking forward to posting quality articles for you after my exam, so stay tuned for more posts after my exam 😉 .

By Gloson

Hello, my name is Gloson and I am an 11-year-old kid who lives in Malaysia. Here, I blog about anything interesting that I learn, including how-to's tips, and more.

Besides blogging, I am a funny poet who writes funny poetry that makes you giggle. Some of my funny poems can be found in this blog.

You can also find my cats series, a series of the funny and cute cat photos I took, here.

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Gloson, you are absolutely amazing. I will help you any way I can and so will @RugbyJones. We are going to meet my friend…face to face! Hopefully sooner rather than later. Please let me know how I can help you! Tell your mom she is amazing too! 🙂

Did you give your mum a treat? Art treat? 🙂

What software did you use for these wonderful illustrations? You colour sense is wonderful!! Is your poetry book gonna be published as a book or as a download?

Okie har….you study hard ok? Auntie…er…I mean Che Che Kelly want you to pass your mid-term exam! Be safe, healthy and I will wait for your news Gloson!

Oh, I used Adobe Photoshop. And thanks, my mother helped me with the colors. My poetry book is going to be published as a book, or maybe in the future, an ebook.

Yes, I have been catching up with my studies. The exam results are pretty satisfying 🙂 . Thanks for your support!

By the way, sorry for not replying promptly. I was sitting for the exam 😛 .

Hey. What you are doing really inspired me! I am very happy for you and people who are going to read your poetry full of colours and full of life!! Study hard for your exam and Do well!! Take care and hope to hear from you soon!!!

You are doing a great job. Just keep on doing your job and let your parents do theirs. They can take care of you just fine. It must be great to have your own book of poetry. How are you going to publish it?


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