The Visit to FRIM

It was exciting! I have never been to a field trip with my schoolmates before! I went to FRIM (Forest Research Institute Malaysia) on 26 July 2008 with my school as a field trip. I learned about the trees and plants over there.

It was fun, I had to hike. It was tiring but fun . Unfortunately, I did not see any animals (they must be sleeping).

The Journey Begins

So, we (me and my schoolmates) got in the bus, and the bus stared moving. It is a long ride. On the way there, I saw my old house area.

Finally, we arrived at FRIM. After coming down, I had nasi lemak, a kind of spicy Malay food.

Two-ur Guides

After we eat, we lined up in four lines as teacher said. Then two female tour guides came and introduced themselves. We were divided into two groups.

The Hike Begins

So, we began our hike through a high hill (more like a small mountain). It was tiring (because I took my bag up with me), but fun.

On the way, my group’s tour guide showed us a blue fern and told us that it reflects sunlight. So, it is blue. The parts that are not affected by the sunlight, stays green.

The tour guide also explained about the liana tree. Local people call it ‘Tarzan’ tree. She explained that there is water inside the tree.

The blue fern and the liana (the vine)
(Sorry because I did not bring my camera and these
are only photos of the things I saw from the internet
and that means I took none of the photos here)

Huge Steps

After that, we went into a small path, you have to walk up the hill (there are rocks and planks as ladders. You have to take huge steps to go up).

It was very tiring because walking up is pushing yourself up each step. At least we got to rest when we are hiking 🙂 .

The Canopy Bridge

Soon, after the huge steps, we arrived at the canopy bridge. We had to queue up to walk on the bride because the bride can support only a few people at a time.

It was a long queue. But I just couldn’t wait to walk on the bridge! How exciting it would be! I waited and waited. And finally, hello, bridge!

Hello, Bridge!

I walked on the bride carefully. I am not afraid of the heights. It is more exciting than scary; more like an adventure. I loved to look down and see how high the bridge is! I reached a spot where you can see a beautiful view of a part of the town.

Finally, I got down from the bridge and continue hiking; down this time.

The Jungle Adventure Begins

So, we got were hiking down, to another part of FRIM, it is part of the hill, too but it looks more like a forest this time and we don’t have to take huge steps because we are not going up.

The tour guide first explained about the common fern and the giant fern, and tells that it reproduces by spores (we had already learned this in class). The common fern has spores on its bottom while the giant fern has spores on its sides.

After that, we went in the area and the tour guide explained about the ficus tree. Its roots could store water and they are strong, too.

Then, we saw the jelutong tree. It is the tree that we use to make pencils because the wood is light and strong. It has rubber, too; in which we use to make chewing gum.

Next stop is the camphor tree. Its leaves smell like mangoes and its trunk, ointment.

After that, we headed to the elephant tree. Its roots are shaped like an elephant’s head. Too bad I didn’t get a photo of that 🙁 .

The tour guide explained about more trees, but there are some that I can’t remember.

The Garden

It was fun there too. We got to see a big fish and turtles at the pond. We said bye to our tour guides. I learned a lot there. After that, we followed our teacher to the cafeteria.

The Last Hours at FRIM

We had lunch. I ate rice with a salty egg (I love salty eggs). I talked to my friends, ate ice cream.

After that, teacher led us to a place near a waterfall (in FRIM) where some people went swimming. We watched the people swim and rested.

Then, we went to visit the traditional houses of Malaysia. Too bad we are not allowed to get inside it.

The Wheels on the Bus Goes Round and Round

Finally, we got in the bus to go back. The bus has a TV on it, and I watched a movie 🙂 . And the effect is carsick (rather bus-sick) 🙁 . I was feeling uncomfortable and tired.

Finally, I arrived at school (you arrive at school before the drivers take you home), good thing too. I got a free chrysanthemum drink from teacher (it cured my carsick…or bus-sick). The oxygen also made me feel better. But I was very, very tired.

So, I rested on a bench, and almost slept! Luckily, my friend woke me up…by walking out of school when I opened my eyes. So, I finally decided I’d cycle back home (I cycle to school).

What I Like at FRIM

I liked everything (except the bus-sick part), but I liked the canopy bridge the most. You feel like you are walking on air! I loved to look down (I mentioned this earlier). You feel like you are going through an adventure!

Next, I like the walk through the forest part. I loved to see the trees and hear the tour guide explain. I also loved the part when the tour guide asked us to crush a leaf from a camphor tree. It really smelled like mango, while the trunk smelled like oil.

I also liked the part where I took big steps 🙂 . It was really tiring but really fun, too. I liked the part where I drank spring water. It tastes like normal water but is nicer and colder.

I really learned a lot and…


(Maybe next time when I go there again I would bring my camera and post all the original photos here)

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