The Browser That I Enjoy

Update 2020: This post is now outdated and archived, but feel free to read it to remember what it was like. ?

The colorful thing that looks like a ball…and that it, of course, chrome21

Yes, Google Chrome!

I like it very much because it runs really fast and smooth. It also warns about risky websites that contain viruses, and tells that it is not safe, and lets you choose whether continue or not.

Also, unlike Firefox, Google Chrome lets you drag its tabs easily, if you want to swap tab places, or if you want to bring the tab away from its place to create a new window.

When a tab or more is running very slowly or is going to crash, Chrome has a ‘Crash Control‘ feature that lets you choose whether you want the tabs to stop running to prevent crashes, or wait patiently until the tabs work again. Also, when a tab is going to crash, it won’t interrupt other tabs.

It also lets you bookmark your favorite website with just a click. But what I like most about Google Chrome is: It is really fast, which means I can browse the web without my computer lagging! It also opens faster than Firefox or Internet Explorer.

And here are 9 things to love and 9 things to hate about Chrome. I hope Google would fix the ‘9-things-to-hate-about-chrome’ in their next version.

Another web browser:

A fox with a fire tail which is circling round the globe,

Yes, Mozilla Firefox.

I don’t use Firefox anymore but it became my favorite browser before I tried Google Chrome.

Its new version, Firefox 3, has a cool look, and a few more features, but some add-ons are not supported. Although Firefox has features, it is very slow when you make tabs. But in Chrome, the tabs aren’t so slow and if they’re going to crash, Chrome would notify the user.

And I don’t know whether Firefox really warns us about dangerous sites because I have never been notified by Firefox about dangerous sites. Google Chrome did warn me about dangerous sites I’m about to enter.

However, there are some people hating Firefox.

And here are some Firefox Myths for you to know about.

And another browser

A something orbiting an ‘e’

Internet Explorer.

I dislike it because it’s slow in my computer. And also, nah, I have not much to say about Internet Explorer since I rarely use it because of Firefox, and now, Google Chrome. According to some people, Internet Explorer is unsafe, even with anti-virus programs installed. There’s just one question: Why are so many people using it? Don’t they know there is a ‘Google Chrome’ or a ‘Firefox’? They’ll probably be astonished when they try the good browser.

However, if you want to use the browser of your choice, you can use it, of course. I love Google Chrome because my computer is slow and needs a little boost up. I think Google Chrome suits me.

I enjoy Google Chrome and I think it rocks!

Update (13/12/08): Yay! Google Chrome is out of beta!

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Google Chrome rocks indeed 🙂

I use both Firefox and Chrome now. It’s still gonna be some time before Chrome fully matures

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