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View and Control Your Friend’s Computer With TeamViewer

Have you ever wondered if there was a way to control your friend’s computer from overseas?

TeamViewer made it possible to do that. (In fact, you could control any other computer in the world, as if you are sitting in front of it.)

Why it is useful

Team Collaboration
Your friend wants to redesign his blog. But he doesn’t know how to. This is where TeamViewer comes in handy. In case you do not know, TeamViewer also lets you chat with your friend (You could also use an instant messenger).

After you have gained access to your friend’s computer, you help your friend redesign his blog. At the same time, teaching him. You can also discuss if you have a suggestion for your friend.

It would be like virtually sitting next to each other.

If your friend does not know how to use Photoshop to edit a picture, you could use TeamViewer to teach him how. When you are editing the picture, your friend could see what you are doing, and learn.

File Transferring
With TeamViewer, you can transfer a file from your computer, to your friend’s. You can transfer it to exactly where you want it to be, too.



After you install TeamViewer, you would get an ID number. Each time you open TeamViewer, it automatically generates a password. You can also create your own password.

So, how does it work?
Firstly, ask your friend for his ID and password. Your friend must leave TeamViewer on in order for you to gain access to his computer. Then, select ‘Remote support’ and type your friend’s ID. After connecting, TeamViewer will request your friend’s password. After you’ve entered the password, a window showing the screen of your friend’s computer will open. Then, you can control your friend’s computer.

Of course, your friend would have the highest priority. Once your friend controls, you wouldn’t be able to control.

To disable you from controlling his computer anymore, your friend would have to click the small window near the taskbar, and then the X button.

If you want to ‘show off’ your presentation to your friend, this feature is for you. To use this feature, select ‘Presentation’ before clicking ‘Connect to Partner’.

But this is different. Instead of seeing your friend’s screen, your friend would see your screen. Your friend can not control your computer. Instead, a big blue mouse would appear in your screen. When your friend clicks on your screen, the the big blue mouse would move there.

In this feature, the quality of the partner’s screen is enhanced, to make the presentation clearer.

File transfer
You can also transfer files from your computer to your friend’s using TeamViewer. To use this feature, click ‘File transfer’ before clicking ‘Connect to Partner’.

Your friend would then receive a message, asking him whether to let you transfer files to his computer, or not. He has 10 seconds to approve. When the time runs out, the request would be denied.

If your friend accepts the request, you will see the directory of files and folders in you and your friend’s computer. You can transfer your file to wherever you want in your friend’s computer.

How I Use Teamviewer

I use TeamViewer for team collaboration.

Sometimes, my friend from overseas need help with his blog. But I am not the administrator of the blog, so I couldn’t help him. Fortunately, he has TeamViewer, too. I then gained access to his computer. He is already logged in to his blog as the administrator. I then helped him with his blog.

One day, I wanted to show to my friend a powerpoint presentation. So, we logged in to Teamviewer and he could see the presentation.


If you want to download TeamViewer for free, go to its website,

If you already use TeamViewer, how and why do you use it?


The Best Blog Post Writer

Update 2020: This post is now outdated and archived, but feel free to read it to remember what it was like. ?

Are you still using WordPress administration area to write your blog posts? If so, it is time for a change. There is a writer which is much better than WordPress. That is, Windows Live Writer. To me, it is the best tool for writing blog posts. And here are the reasons.

Uses the look of your blog to write

When you set up your blog in Windows Live Writer, it will detect the layout of your blog – the font, the colors, and the theme. After that, you can write in your blog layout. Isn’t that cool? 8) writerwritingpost
If you changed the layout of your theme, click View >> Refresh theme to refresh the layout in Writer. If you do not, you won’t be able to write in your newest layout, but can still write & publish posts.

Pictures Editing

To insert the pictures into your post, click Insert >> Picture…. Then, you can insert the picture from file, or the web. After you have finished inserting, you can edit them and give them effects. Writer has many effects that can be done to your photo. WLWTabs pictureditIf you select a picture you have inserted, 3 tabs and its options will appear in the sidebar. In the ‘Picture’ tab, you can choose the text wrapping of the picture, its margins, its borders, and where it links to. In the borders drop-down list, you can choose kinds of borders for your picture, such as drop shadow, instant photo, photopaper, reflection, rounded corners, 1 or 3 pixels borders, no borders at all, or use the style of your layout.pictureedit2 In the ‘Advanced’ tab, you can resize the image, rotate it, adjust its brightness and contrast, crop it, tilt it, and even give it a watermark. pictureedit3In the ‘Effects’ tab, you can give the picture kinds of cool features 8) . Those include black and white, sepia tone, adjust temperature, color pop, sharpen, Gaussian blue, and emboss. If you want to remove an effect simply click the red ‘minus’ button.

Uploads pictures easily

After you have inserted the pictures in there, just click ‘Publish’ near the top left, and the publishing progress would appear. But it just takes a little more longer, though. But, you can also configure an FTP client to upload the pictures. Click Blogs >> Edit blog settings >> Pictures and from there, you can configure the client.

Blog Switching

If you have two blogs or more, don’t worry. Writer lets you switch your blogs easily. To add a blog account into Writer, click Blogs >> Add blog account…. Then, you set up your other blog. To switch, click Blogs >> (The the title of your blog). You then can write on the blog you’ve selected. The layout would also change according to your blog.

Properties editing

Writer also lets you edit the properties of the post, such as its categories, publish date, tags, slug, author, excerpt, password (if you want to keep it private), and trackbacks. To show all of the options, you have to click the ‘Show Properties’ button. properties1 After that, the properties will show. properties2

Inserting Videos

Writer lets you insert videos to the post via YouTube or SoapBox. Click Insert >> Video… andinsert then, choose the service you want, and enter the details. After that, a window asking for your username and password will appear. And after you click that, the video would be inserted into the post, but in the process of being uploaded.

Other Things I Like About Windows Live Writer

If you have published a post via Writer, and you want to edit it again, Writer will retrieve it from your blog, in case you made changes to that post using another tool. This is so you can edit the latest version of the post. If Windows Live Writer is unable to retrieve it, it would open the draft saved on your computer instead. You can write posts offline. This is useful when my internet connection is experiencing problems. Also, you can change the color of the interface of Writer by clicking the brush icon, and then selecting the desired color. wlwbar However, Writer only works if you enable XML-RPC. To do that, go to your WordPress Administration Area >> Settings >> Writing. publishingwlw Setting your blog up in Writer is just a piece of cake – First, you have to choose what blog service you use. Then, you have to enter the URL and your username and password. After that, Writer will do everything, including detecting your layout. Windows Live Writer simply makes writing blog posts much easier. I love it, and you would love it too. It is like one of the blogging tools I can’t live without. Get it now! Pssst…It’s completely free.


The Single Reason I Love Adobe Photoshop

If you tell me what photo editor I like the best, I’d say, of course, Photoshop. It can do almost anything with photos! In this post, I’m going to share with you the single reason I love Photoshop.

Can do almost anything with photos

Yup, that is the reason why I love Photoshop. Yeah, and I mean it can do almost anything. It can make a photo look so much better, remove unwanted items like scars on the face or rubbish in a background.

Enhance photos – If you have a ‘dull’ photo, don’t worry. You can use Photoshop to enhance the lighting and colors, which makes it so much better! Take look at this before-and-after picture, for example.

Before: Dull and ‘boring’

After: Beautiful and glorious!

What a photo enhancement! Even I can hardly believe that a dull and nothing-special photo can be turned into a glorious sight by just using Photoshop!

Cool touch-ups  Besides photo enhancements, Photoshop does some cool touch-ups. For example,  a person in a normal photo can be turned into as if it were in another place, and maybe even another dimension. After all, Photoshop can do almost anything with photos.

Before: Just a normal photo of a man holding a spear taken in a studio.
After: Now he really looks like a warrior!

Anyway, if you want to enhance your photo colors, here’s the easy and basic tutorial – Turn Ho-Hum Color into WOW! with Photoshop

Remove unwanted items from photos like scars – And you know what? It is SO easy! In fact, I never realized it, until I was playing around with Photoshop, with the clone stamp. My first serious attempt was the photo of my face when I had chicken pox; quite successful!

I then wrote a howto post on that.

You can also remove rubbish from a background, a bird from a sky, and etc. Thanks to the clone stamp in Photoshop.

Photoshop has lot of tools, features, and options. For example, you can modify the size of your brush, exactly the way you want it. Not only that, it lets you adjust how blur you want the edges of the brush to be!

Also, there are a lot of features, like lighting or hue adjustments, layer merging, clone stamping, embossing, canvas size adjustments, selective colors, adjusting the hue, the list goes on and on, all of which makes it able to do just about anything with photos.

Photoshop is easy! You just need to know how to use it. Here are the 35 basic tutorials to get you started with Photoshop.

Photohop edited pictures from here


A Free Tool to Read Text Aloud

Update 2020: This post is now outdated and archived, but feel free to read it to remember what it was like. ?

Have you ever got tired of squinting at text? Do you prefer to have it read aloud? Then this free read-aloud tool, called ReadPlease, is for you! Now you just have to sit back and relax while ReadPlease does all the hard work 🙂 . This tool lives up to its name.

If you’ve a post you want to read, just copy the words, and paste it into ReadPlease. Press the play button, and ReadPlease will read aloud every word in that article. You can also save the text in ReadPlease in its format.readplease

Actually, ReadPlease can read all kinds of text, even ‘sdaisjdijiaojsoid’ or ‘mumumumuunununun’. It will just read them out. If you type ‘dddddddddddddddddd’, it would just speak, “Dee dee dee dee dee dee dee..”. This is also a great tool for children to experiment with.

And did I mention? It is free! Except for the more advanced version (called ReadPlease Plus) for which you have to purchase ($49.95). The advanced version has more features. But the free version is probably enough for you. ReadPlease Plus has a free trial period of 30 days, but the free version never expires.

You can download ReadPlease here. For the direct download, click here.


ReadPlease also can read aloud in other languages, such as German or French. It alsorpsidebar can read in British-English. You just have to download the languages from the site.

ReadPlease, by default has four voices – two males’, and two females’. They are all in American English. The text would be read differently, according to whose voice you pick.

You can also choose the speed of reading. If you choose fast, the article would be read finished quickly.

You can choose how large you want the text to be, so it suits your eyes.

To modify the appearance and the font, click ‘Tools’ then ‘Options’, where you also can modify other stuff.

When you first open it, the window may seem too narrow. To widen it, simply stretch the window by dragging its corner.

Now you don’t have to spend a hard time squinting at an article, but paste it in ReadPlease and relax 8) .