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My Entry for the Awesome BlogEngage Contest

Hey guys! How are you?

I’ve been busy recently, especially with the composition and full instrumental of my 1Malaysia Song. (It’s still in progress)

Meanwhile, I’ve also managed to submit my entry for the awesome BlogEngage Best of the Guest Blogger Contest, just before the deadline!

My entry is titled 15 Ways to Get More Comments on Your Blog. I’ll really appreciate it if you could comment on it or tweet it. Thank you so much! 🙂

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Also, I will be posting a new blog post on Gloson Blog next week, so stay tuned! 🙂

Cheers! =)


It’s Not Really What You Say, but How You Say It

In blogging, it’s not really what you say, but how you say it.

In blogging, many topics have been written about a lot of times. But if you write that topic from a creative angle, using creative writing, with creative pictures, and creative points, that blog post is bound to go far.

For an example, let’s take a look at commercials.R&L

Most commercials deliver one message: that you really should use their products. But how should they convince you to do that?

By clever, funny, or stunning advertisements, of course. Here are two great examples of commercials on the net:

The Man Your Man Could Smell Like by Old Spice & Stop-motion T-Shirt commercial for McDonalds and Coke by Rhett & Link (pic).

So, in blogging, we must not only focus on what we blog, but how we blog, too.

What do you mean by “how you say it” in blogging?

1. The way you write it


  • clearly – people love to read writing that is clear and straight to the point.
  • humorously – everybody enjoys humor. In fact, many stuff become popular on the web because they have got the humor.
  • readable-ly – write in short paragraphs; format your posts.
  • thought-provokingly – if you write like that, readers will think and reflect on your writing and opinions after they are done reading it.
  • concisely & precisely – expressing much in few words, brief and to the point.
  • captivatingly – so interest-grabbing that readers can’t stop reading your writing.
  • passionately – Above all, if you want to write superb articles, you must make sure you love your topic.

Write with your personality–who you are. Don’t write like a robot. In other words, that means don’t ever write like wikipedia (No one reads them unless they want specific info, right?). 😛

Photo by wenzday01

2. The way you deliver the message

You can also think outside the box, even beyond text. Have you heard of a blog post delivered just via…

Comics! Haha! Comics!

Actually, it has been done by Mark Anderson on his guest post on Problogger, titled Blog Like a Cartoonist – Six Stunning Secrets to Help You Break Through Bloggers Block.

Here’s a little snippet of the comic. Click here to view the whole comic.


Other than comics, perhaps you can write your blog post in other people’s perspective, like your 1-year-old son’s. Or make your blog post a funny video. You know, get creative! 🙂

3. Formatting

Style up your blog post. Can you imagine if this blog post was written without list-points, without paragraph breaks– just one big block of text? Would you read it then? I bet you would just skim the whole thing and never actually read anything, right?

So, format your posts with

  • bolds, italics, underlines
  • paragraph breaks
  • points in lists
  • heading styles

4. Creative pictures

Pictures make the whole reading experience for your readers much more comfortable and pleasurable.

It decorates and gives colors to it while hinting what it is about. It’s like a special ingredient to put in your blog post to make it more delicious.

I use Compfight, a cool site to search for pictures on flickr quickly and easily. I usually set my search options to “Creative Commons only”, which lets you use the image for free as long as you link to it; like what I’m doing here 🙂 .

Photo by Unitopia

But wait! It also depends on what you say…

What you say is quite important too! Notice the word “not really” in the title of this blog post – “It’s not really what you say, but how you say it” – it means that what you say matters too!

Here are some circumstances in which what you say matters.

When a topic is trending – If you are one of the first to write it and also do it creatively, many people are going to share and link to your post.

When the topic is what many people are looking for – like… how to lose fat, how to set up a new blog, etc.

Is the topic your passion? – Too many people blog about a topic not because they like it, but because they want to earn money. So, don’t follow the crowd. Follow your passion and you will achieve much better results!

Don’t blog about a completely irrelevant topic – If a blogger, whose blog is about sport, suddenly blogs about Internet marketing, his readers are going to get confused and unsubscribe.

Other than that…

<!–begins rap–>

You can blog about jeans,
you can blog about beans,
you can blog about tasty
Las Vegas cuisines.

And proteins, teens, routines,
sardines, limo machines,
going green, Halloween,
hygiene, even vaccines.

<!–ends rap—>

You can blog about anything… it really depends on how you say it. I’ve even heard of a guy who blogs about jeans!

And if a blogger blogs about how to use a spoon, and does it in an extremely funny way, it’s gonna go viral.

But if he does it during a time in which spoons are popular, that article is going to get more attention.

In conclusion, how you say is much more important than what you say. But if you do both greatly – what and how – you can go further!

Like.. movies –  If there was a new movie with an average plot but with a lot of awesome special effects, breathtaking graphics, amazing-wow soundtrack, and mind-blowing acting, don’t you think it is going to succeed?

Yes, of course. But if it has a better plot, it would succeed better.

Fill in the blanks:
It’s not really what you ____, but how you ____ it.

I also realized this saying applies to a lot of other things in life. It can be changed to numerous other sayings.

  • It’s not really what you advertise, but how you advertise it.
  • It’s not really what you eat, but how you eat itWhen you chew the food slowly, you appreciate it more and experience what the food tastes like. Also, your stomach will have an easier job digesting your food and absorbing the nutrients. 🙂
  • It’s not really what you sing, but how you sing it
  • It’s not really what you photograph, but how you photograph it – In photography, you need to try different angles, perspectives, exposure, white balance, etc. in order to get the most out of your shot.

>> In conclusion, it’s not really what you blog, but how you blog it, so focus on how you blog! 🙂

P.S. Don’t forget to do some promotion on your blog after you post it! 🙂


So, what do you think about this post? I’d like to hear your opinion and views in the comment section below! Cheers! =)

Blogging Guest Posts

How to Generate Blog Post Ideas in Seconds

This guest post is written by Peter Joseph, a 15-year-old blogger from Australia.

Often when we blog, at times there may be moments when we have absolutely no ideas on what to blog about.

The worst thing we can do is leave our blogs dormant. If we have nothing to blog about that people want to read then we will quickly lose readers, subscribers and worst, the grip on our blog.

If you have no idea what you want to blog about next, here are the best tips to avoid this and come up with blog posts ideas in seconds.

Photo by JJay

Don’t think of blogging as a must do

writersblockOne heavy mistake everyone seems to make is they think that blogging is a must do.

They have a requirement that you must write a blog post at specific times on specific days or you will fall short of the cycle.

Only write a new post when you come up with a decent idea. It is better to leave your blog blank for a few more days then publish a blog post that isn’t of good quality and can put your readers off.

Here’s how to come up with post ideas in seconds and completely remove this step.

Photo by Jonno Witts

Start with the topic

The first thing you need to do to start coming up with ideas is to define your topic.

What actually do you plan to write on, is it blogging? Something about cooking?

Generally to get this far, it isn’t too hard, take a look on your blog, what topics does it cover; this is generally what you should write about and focus on in speed idea thinking.

Once you’ve done this, you need to start thinking up the catch phrase.

Photo by Ezu

Find out the catchphrase

Forget any form of creativity; all the catchphrase is, is a jumble of words which you are going to use to formulate your ideas.

Catch phrases can generally be very simple. Just make sure you remember to pull it back to your topic; just come up with anything at all.

Right now, for a catch phrase at this very instant, the thing I came up with as I write this is “blogging in a line”.

Now this might not sound like much at the moment but there are various different topics that could come around this catch phrase.

The next thing you need to do is formulate your catch phrase and come up with ideas around it.

Photo by ethangibbs808

Formulate everything around your catchphrase

Using my blogging in a line example, the next thing you need to do is formulate everything around your catch phrase.

What comes to mind when you think of “blogging in a line?”

To me, I think kof the importance of having multiple blog posts and moving them down into various parts, also making your posts flow concurrently so that everything works together.

What comes to mind with your catch phrase? Look at each of the different words in the sentence and then the whole sentence and ideas will quickly come to your head.

Photo by woodleywonderworks


After doing the tips above you will slowly realize how quickly coming up with blog post ideas is. No longer will you ever have to stress about meeting a post deadline with nothing to deliver.

Just remember now, all you have to do is think up a topic, find a catch phrase, formulate topics around it and you already have a perfect idea.

The idea behind this post took me around is seconds to think up, idea generate at that speed and you will save heaps of tine.

Only downside is. Now you have too many ideas and not enough time to write them all down.

Peter Joseph is a passionate 15-year-old blogger from Australia, where he blogs on his blog Ideas bubble, which he shares all his blogging tips and ideas.

Blogging Guest Posts

8 Important Things Every Blogger Must Know

This guest post is written by Onibalusi Bamidele, a 16-year-old entrepreneur.

More and more blogs are being created everyday. Since we have hundreds of millions of bloggers with more evolving everyday, there’s competition and only the best will survive.

To be successful, you need to know some things you can implement to make your blog a success. Below are 8 great and very important things every blogger must know.

1. Great Design Matters

With more blogs being added everyday, many blogs begin to look alike, and so you should stand out from the other blogs.

One of the most important things in an online presence is a great user experience, which design is part of.

If you have a unique and attractive design that gives a good user experience, it’ll be easy to promote your blog and gain loyal readers.

In blogging, many judge by design. No matter how great your content is, if they see a bad design, they conclude that your content is also bad without even reading.

Also, many skim blog posts. A very readable typography helps to encourage readers to read it instead of skimming it.

Photo: silkegb

2. Research and Write Valuable Content

With more blogs being added everyday, it is very important to make your blog stand out, not only by design but also by valuable content.

Many blog about “general blogging tips”. This might get you search engine traffic. But it also determines your blog’s growth and what kind of readers you gain.

When you write valuable content, your readers share your content with their friends, on their blogs, social media, etc.

Photo: Paul Watson

3. It Takes Being Creative

Many new bloggers say they’ve been blogging for some time, but are not seeing results. It’s very important to know that in blogging, you need to add your own spice of creavtivity to be successful. So, be creative.

You can be creative in so many ways:

  • coming up with an topic nobody else had came up with
  • the style of your writing
  • the angle of your post
  • how you promote your post

– It is all about doing something unusual, a little going out of the box.

Photo: Mrs Magic

4. Goals are Important

One very common thing I notice among bloggers is they lack goals. Many of them don’t set goals and wait for things to happen, and this continues to fuel their laziness.

One of the most important things you can do for yourself (not only in blogging, but in life in general) is to plan your future.

You should not just wait for things to happen but have a way you want it to happen.

It’s also important to set achievable goals using a time-frame. It’ll be unrealistic for a new blogger to say “I want 10,000 daily visitors in my first month!” An example of a good and realistic goal is, “I want to get 300 subscribers this month.

And even though you might not achieve your goals, they would drive you toward working harder to take your blog to the next level.

Photo: Rigmarole

5. SEO Matters

Many bloggers obviously don’t know about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and funny enough, some are not even ready to.

SEO is very important, so invest your time into learning a good deal about it. You might also want to hire an SEO expert if you’re not ready to learn it.

One SEO tip is get a good and fast wordpress theme because a clean code is easy for the bots to easily and properly crawl your blog.

Then you’ll get better page rankings and overall traffic (Also, Google’s ranking is now partly based on site loading speed).

Here’s a blog post I wrote on wordpress seo to get you started.

Photo: Danard Vincente

6. Promotion is a Must

It surprises me that my 1-month traffic surpasses the traffic of 4 months of a blogger who blogged for months before I knew what blogging was.

No matter how valuable your content is, you will still need to do some PUSH in order to get the desired traction.

You don’t just sit down, do nothing, and expect people to flock to your blog. Even if you think your content will go viral, you’ll still need some readers to give it a push before it does.

The number of readers you have can determine how successful you are. Traffic is a must. For more tips, please get my free ebook on how to get lots of free traffic.

Photo: roland

7. It Begins With Your Headline

Having personally suffered from this, I’ve also seen many bloggers with great content but nobody to read it. I figured out one of their major problems is: their headline sucks.

Yeah! No matter how great your content is, you should have a great headline to back it up.

So if you have a truly great content, you should make sure it goes viral by giving it the right and magnetic headline.

Spending a few minutes tweaking your headline might be what makes the difference. I’ve seen a fairly new blog go popular on StumbleUpon because it has a powerful headline.

So, never underestimate the power of an headline.

Photo: UnstablePixel

8. Networking is the Key

Yeah! Networking is very important to the success of any blogger.

Two or more can achieve far more than one. Networking with bloggers in your niche is very important to your success.

You can network with other bloggers by commenting on their blogs, writing for them (like what I’m doing here), and meeting on social media sites, like Twitter, Facebook, Sphinn Stumbleupon, Digg, etc.

Photo: Matt Hamm


This guest post is written by Onibalusi “Oni” Bamidele, a 16-year-old entrepreneur.

He owns a young entrepreneur blog, where he shares some great entrepreneur tips with his readers. Please check it out! 🙂

He also blogs at WP Kube where he shares some great wordpress tips. Also, if you want to boost your traffic, be sure to get his free ultimate traffic ebook!