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Some Methods to Successfully Remind Yourself of Something

Forgetfulness is one of the problems we face in our life. If we should do something but we forget to do it, we wouldn’t benefit anyone. Instead of forgetting to do what we have to do, we should ‘walk our talk’. It means we should do what we have spoken. This will benefit you and others – you gain trust from others, and others will feel happy about it.

I’ve discovered some methods to remind yourself to do something, but you can also use this method to remind yourself of useful or inspiring quotes.

Most of you who are reading this go on your computer everyday, right? Whether it is to check your email, browse the web, or opening a program that you always use, these methods should work successfully for you.

Reminder at the taskbar

The taskbar is one of the things on the computer screen you see frequently. If you open multiple programs, you would have to click on the minimized programs to get them maximized. So, if you place a reminder there, you would always be reminded. Here’s an example of the taskbar reminder.

That note always reminds me to complete my unfinished homework from school.

To do this, first, you create a folder, named whatever you want to be reminded of (I usually create them at ‘My Documents’). Then, right-click the taskbar. After that, click Toolbars >> New Toolbar… A small window will show.


Then, select the folder which you have just created, and click OK. The message (or the folder’s name) will appear on the taskbar. Now, you should be reminded about that.

Browser bookmarks bar method

If you are browsing the web seriously and the taskbar method is not working for you, you can use the ‘browser bookmarks’ method.

If you are browsing the web, address bar would surely be involved. The bookmarks bar is just below the address bar. The ‘browser bookmarks bar’ method would put the reminder on your browsers bookmark bar. Below are the steps for Firefox.

Firstly, you have to activate the bookmarks bar.

If you don’t have any bookmarks, you can create one.

After you have created them, right-click the bookmarks.

A window like this would appear. Rename the bookmark with the reminder.

Now, it should look like this.

Every time you type in the address, or switch tabs, you would be reminded of what you should do. You can also rename it with a quote instead, if you want.

Renaming files

This is another method to remind you of something. What you have to do is to rename the name of the program icon that you most frequently click, with what you want to be reminded of.

If you check your email with your browser, rename the browser icon with the thing that you wish be reminded of. If you check your email using Mozilla Thunderbird, rename the Thunderbird icon.

I recommend you to rename it with a useful quote or advice, or a note on the program you are you are browsing the web or working on your computer, you won’t see the desktop anrenaming. I don’t recommend you to rename it with the thing you promised to do, because if d its renamed file very much.

That was just an inspiring advice. It reminds us to always think positively.

Walk your talk

Now the only problem left is that whether you do it or not. Remember that if you do not do it, it would not benefit anyone. But if you do the task, you would benefit yourself and maybe others. Also remember that you will be free of tasks after you do it, so you do not have to worry about doing anything.

Also, a note takes up space in the taskbar. If you put a note there, it would squeeze the minimized programs, which doesn’t look very spacious. So, tell yourself that you are going to widen things up, if you do the task 🙂 .

Oh yeah. Do not do this in a public computer. Do it only on your personal computer, or not, other users of the public computer might be confused.

When you have finished doing the task, you can rename it with its original name, again, of course.

By Gloson

Hello, my name is Gloson and I am an 11-year-old kid who lives in Malaysia. Here, I blog about anything interesting that I learn, including how-to's tips, and more.

Besides blogging, I am a funny poet who writes funny poetry that makes you giggle. Some of my funny poems can be found in this blog.

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Hi Gloson,

Good post and good ideas! I have a lot of medications I need to take. Some once a day, some twice a day, some weekly. I used to forget to take them all the time. I have a calendar program that let’s me set alarms for different times of the day, week, month, etc. When the alarms go off, I stop everything and take my meds. I don’t close the alarm until the meds are taken. Now, I rarely forget.
By the way, I really enjoy your blog and twitter posts. Keep up the good work!

Good idea Gloson! This way you don’t need to register for any online reminding site.

I should ask Fatty’s son to come visit your blog. He a little blur but 6 years old only! 😀

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