How To Remember Phone Numbers 2

I have already shared with you a method to remember phone numbers.

However, there are a lot of people who says that the method didn’t work for them as that method does not apply to everyone.

In this post, I’ll share with you another method to remember phone numbers. I think this method would work for more people, because it is simpler.

It is called the sound method.

Sound Method

In this method, you create stories out of the rhymes of the numbers. If you noticed, each number’s rhyme is unique.

Here are some examples of the rhymes.

0 – Hero (or you can replace 0 with nil – bill)
1 – Bun (or you can replace it with ‘want’, as it has a similar sound)
2 – Shoe
3 – Tree
4 – Door
5 – Hive
6 – Sticks
7 – Heaven
8 – Ate
9 – Line
10 – Hen

You can create more rhymes out of the numbers.

(It is ok to rhyme the numbers with their word form (‘2’ = ‘two’), as long as you can remember it.)

If you want it easier to remember, do not use a word that rhymes with a number if the number is not included. This is because it would be confusing.

For example, change ‘I want (1) to (2) go to (2) heaven (7)’ with ‘I want (1) go heaven (7)’, or not the number ’17’ would sound like ‘1227’.

It would also be easier to remember if the story is kept simple.

If the story is fun, absurd, or funny, it would be easy to remember (That’s our brain). –

If an ant disturbed you while you are having lunch, you certainly won’t remember anything about that. But if a pink elephant came and disturbed you while you are having lunch, you would probably remember the date, what did it do, what time was it, and what food you ate.

This is an example of how to remember 26317246

Two (2) sticks (6) in a tree (3) want (1) go heaven (7) too (2), for (4) they are sick (6).

This is an example of how to remember 23182938

Two (2) trees (3) want (1) eat (8). They were too (2) skinny like lines (9). So, the skinny trees (3) ate (8).

This is an example of how to remember 04351286

Zero (0) cents for (4) tree (3) candies! High five (5)! I want (1) to (2) eat (8)! But I became sick (6).

Of course. They were tree candies! 😛

This is an example of how to remember 83927416

In gate (8), is tree (3). It’s mine (9). I got it from heaven (7). In there, millions of doors (4). I wanted (1) go into them. Instead saw drums and played them with sticks (6).

This is another example (76837192)

Seven (7) sticks (6) ate (8) a tree (3) in heaven (7). They’ve eaten one (1) pine (9), too (2).

This is another example (98321673)

The pine(9)apples ate (8) it’s own tree (3)! Two (2) little ones (1) seek (6) for help from heaven (7), and heaven resurrected the tree (3).

This is another example (89531232) (Okay, okay, this is the last one. Sorry. It was so fun making all those stories 🙂 )

He ate (8) nine (9) hives (5) that he got from tree (3). Because of this, one (1) boy cried. Two (2) other trees (3), too (2).

This method would also enhance your creativity.

P.S. If you recite the story after you created it, it would be easier to remember.

So, is this method working for you?

If not, maybe you could try the number story method instead.

By Gloson

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You know what? I’ve been really bad with remembering numbers since young. So this so-called “sound method” looks like a possible remedy to my problem.

Well, I’m not too sure if it works for me but I’m gonna give it a go. Good sharing, Gloson.


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