Poem: Computer Lab Rules

I think it is time for another of my poems to be shared here. It is a funny school poem about what you shouldn’t do in the computer lab. Here it is:

Computer Lab Rules

Do not ask the computers
to play with you kung fu.
Do not pee on the keyboards
for they will type, “P.U.”

Do not poke the computer
with a stick. They will shout.
Do not play with computers
or make them run about.

Do not slap the computers
because their mice will bite.
Do not fart near computers,
for that’s a smelly fright.

Do not scare any speaker
for their shout is so loud!
Do not break all the rules here
because you’re not allowed.

The principal thinks that I’m
a really silly fool.
That is because I’ve disobeyed
its every single rule.

I hope you enjoyed it 😀 . Stay tuned for more poems.

By Gloson

Hello, my name is Gloson and I am an 11-year-old kid who lives in Malaysia. Here, I blog about anything interesting that I learn, including how-to's tips, and more.

Besides blogging, I am a funny poet who writes funny poetry that makes you giggle. Some of my funny poems can be found in this blog.

You can also find my cats series, a series of the funny and cute cat photos I took, here.

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You are really really good at this,many people came here just to see your poems etc.Including me!!Good job,Gloson keep it up!

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