My Poem Performance of “Once Upon a Twice”

Hi there. Last week, I was quite busy with the Once Upon a Twice online YouTube recitation contest.

Once Upon a Twice is a creative Jabberwocky-like poem written by Denise Doyen. The book tells a story of a young and adventurous but naive mousling called Jam, who gone through a thrilling experience of life.

So one day, I received an email from the author who got to know me through my action poems on Youtube. She invited me to join the contest, which I happily agreed.

Because the poem was so creative, I was motivated to compose music and songs to the poem too. It’s my first time composing a song by the way, and I really enjoyed the process!

Due to some busy events, I almost couldn’t enter the contest, which ends on 10th October 2009.

Luckily, my mom encouraged me and I was able to act out and upload the video at 3:30 pm 10th October 2009, Pacific Time.

Update (12 October 2009): Huray! I have been just informed that I am the international winner of the contest. Thank you very much to the author who has created such a wonderful poem. I really enjoyed creating the performance!


By Gloson

Hello, my name is Gloson and I am an 11-year-old kid who lives in Malaysia. Here, I blog about anything interesting that I learn, including how-to's tips, and more.

Besides blogging, I am a funny poet who writes funny poetry that makes you giggle. Some of my funny poems can be found in this blog.

You can also find my cats series, a series of the funny and cute cat photos I took, here.

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Hey! I didn’t know that you actually won! Congrats and I’m sure your parents must be very proud of you!
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Tahniah atas kejayaan anda. Sangat menghiburkan dan saya tahu anda memang seorang yang bijak. Teruskan perjuangan anda dan saya doakan anda berjaya dalam bidang apa-apa yang akan diceburi. Saya akan khabarkan dan akan mengambil video ini untuk dipertonton sebagai contoh kepada murid-murid sekolah yang lain. Sekali lagi tahniah.

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