My Most Enjoyable Holiday in KL in Dec 09

Last month, my friends on facebook told me about the Blog4FT contest, a contest in which you blog about the Federal Territories of Malaysia.

When I was about 6 years old, I had been to many places in Kuala Lumpur.

Now I am 11 years old. So, I took advantage of this great opportunity to explore and rediscover Kuala Lumpur, the exciting capital of Malaysia, because I believed there would be deeper things for me to learn, and then, to share. I guessed this is the purpose of the contest too.

So, I persuaded my mom to bring me on a tour to the exciting and amazing places in Kuala Lumpur (KL) as it was my school holiday too.

After a 2-week journey, I would like to share with you the most remarkable places I’ve visited and the impression and feeling they left in my heart, in this blog post.

1. The two iconic buildings of Malaysia

Petronas Twin Towers and KLCC Park

(Official site)

The Petronas Twin Towers are more beautiful than I can describe. With 88 floors, it is 452 meters high and it was built on the world’s deepest foundations: 375 feet! It cost about RM 4.1 billion! It will surely last forever for generations to be inspired by.


Truly, it is the most majestic building in Malaysia to me. Just look at how high it is! Although it is not the highest building in the whole world, it’s structure is simply marvelous.


As a patriotic Malaysian, I would like to say that our Petronas Twin Towers is still virtually higher than Burj Dubai, the highest building in the world. So let’s do some maths.

Burj Dubai = 828 metres.

Petronas Twin Tower 1 = 452 metres
Petronas Twin Tower 2 = 452 metres
904 metres


Original image source.

So two is better than one! 😉

But even though if I don’t use my imagination and use photoshop to stack the twin towers up, it is still the tallest in the world as twin buildings. Oh yeah!

When night comes, the towers light up ever so beautifully, like twinkling stars in the night city sky. It’s really a beautiful sight for everybody to enjoy!


The skybridge is a really thrilling attraction. It was really an exhilarating experience to be up there. It was so breathtaking. The view of Kuala Lumpur was really near-at-hand.


The Skybridge is known as the gateway to the future.


A close-at-hand view of the KLCC park and the city from the skybridge.


Jumping for joy before the tour guide called us to leave.


In the Petronas Twin Towers are many other attractions too, such as Petrosains, The Discovery Centre – a really fun science discovery centre for kids, and also adults.


There is also the Petronas Art Gallery, a world-class art gallery. I really enjoyed the artwork of local and international artists and sculptors because the designs were so fine & intricate!


These two attractions are located within Suria KLCC, a mega shopping mall (that has everything under the sun) at the base of the towers.


I really enjoyed being at the Petronas Twin Towers because there were so many fun and attractive attractions where I can enjoy and have fun with!

Only adjacent to the Twin Towers is the spacious landscaped KLCC Park. It has a lot of diverse plants, a children’s wading pool and also a playground, which makes playing a great treat for children, like me.

I still remember that when I was young, I used to play around in this wading pool and I really enjoyed splashing around with other children!


The man-made waterfall is really fun to get soaked by!

IMG_5616  IMG_5647

The playground is a really hot spot for children. I still remember the good old days when I used to swing here high up to the sky.


When I first saw these colourful playground instruments when I was still a toddler, it was like a children’s wonderland to me. 😉

IMG_5532 IMG_5527

There is a 1.3 km jogging track and footpath. I enjoyed walking and jogging there with my mom and brother. Along the path, there were various kinds of trees that refreshed our bodies and also our minds!



It is my dream to stay in one of the condominiums near the Petronas Twin Towers, so that everyday I could have a marvelous view of the Twin Towers and a peaceful view of the park. It would also be very convenient to get here to jog and play. How about you? 🙂

KL Tower

(Official site)

The KL Tower is the most thrilling, exciting, interesting and unique sightseeing tower in Malaysia, which stands at a stunning height of 421 metres! Wow!


At the base of the KL Tower, there were some horse-riding activities. Here’s a cowboy picture of me on the horse 😉 .


Before I went up to the observation platform, I was already very excited and thrilled because I was going to touch the sky! Well, almost.

When I arrived at the observation platform, the phrase “cloud 9” most suited me because I was at a really tall tower (the 6th in the world) with an exhilarated feeling.

So I walked a few rounds around the platform and had the most magnificent panoramic view ever!

Then I used the binoculars to see many well-known landmarks and places in KL including the Petronas Twin Towers, Independence Square, Istana Budaya, KL Central, the Telekom Headquarters, Taman Tasik Titiwangsa, Dayabumi Building, Batu Caves, and many more!

A part of the panoramic view from the KL Tower. Can you spot the Independence Square and its very tall flagpole?


The Petronas Twin Towers in the evening.


Can you spot the Istana Budaya and Batu Caves?


When night comes, the panoramic view is extremely beautiful! Now I really know why KL is called the garden city of lights 😉 .


So, come to the KL Tower yourself and you will be amazed!

During the night, the KL Tower lights up very beautifully. In the whole month of December 2009, the KL Tower was illuminated red in conjunction with the World AIDS Day 2009 as a symbol of support and hope for Malaysians living with HIV. I was really touched to see this caring gesture.


2. Four fantastic adventure-filled places that kids should visit before they grow up


(Official site)

Petrosains, which is located at the 4th floor of Suria KLCC, is the most exciting science discovery centre I’ve ever been to!

You’ll have so much fun, you won’t know that you are becoming smarter at the same time. I’m going to highlight some very interesting exhibits here.

I was greeted by a realistic model of a Tyrannosaurus Rex at the Geotime Diorama section. It really surprised me because it was so real!


The replica of the environment 200 million years ago. It was so real, which made me feel that I was really there!


The Sparkz zone was filled with exciting stuff I enjoyed playing with. The Interactive Art Zone, which reacted to my shadow’s movements, made me feel that I was a wizard.


Another hot spot at the Sparkz section was the grain pit, where kids of all ages and nationality collaborated to transfer the grains from one place to another. It was really fun because it used machines, pipes and conveyor belts to transfer the grains. Even I enjoyed playing it a lot.


At the space section, I experienced how astronauts go to bed in outer space.


There was also a thermal infrared camera. It detects how much heat an object radiates. So hot things glow more brightly on the screen.


I was fascinated by the Mindball game, the game in which you wear a headband and keep calm and focused to make the ball go into the opponent’s goal. If the opponent is calmer and more focused than you, he will win!

From here, I could see how my mind waves are when I was calm or tense. This is really an astonishing and fascinating game that will really blow your mind!


It’s fun to be a virtual goal keeper defending the virtual balls and doing virtual exercises! This boy seemed to enjoy it a lot. Haha!


Aquaria KLCC

(Official site)

Aquaria really filled me with awe. The creatures there were really unique and stunning. When I walked along in its 90-metre-long underwater tunnel, which made me feel that I was really underwater.

I was so thrilled because the sea creatures like sharks, rays, turtles, and others, were so close to me!

Finally I had a view that was previously only accessible to divers! Yay!


Look at those sharp teeth of that Sand Tiger Shark! This is an ideal place for thrill seekers!


This is a guitarfish. It looks just like a submarine made of steel! Haha!


Here’s its underside, which looks just like a human face! I felt that it was smiling to me 🙂 .


A leopard stingray swimming over me. It seemed really friendly!


You can see turtles in the water tunnel, but if you don’t see them, don’t worry, because they also like to entertain the audiences at the AquaTheatre. Below is a cute sea turtle at the AquaTheatre.


The friendly sea turtle “waving” ‘Hi’ to me. I waved ‘Hi’ back.


Moon Jellies! They don’t have blood, brain, or a nervous system and are 95% water! What a wonderful wonder and an amazing amazement!


The National Planetarium

(Official site)

The National Planetarium is filled with really fun space exhibits that I enjoyed very much. When I entered the National Planetarium, its dark environment with white lights made me feel like I was really in space!


I especially enjoyed the space ball. It turned me around and around and around and upside down as if I were in space!


IMG_3679 IMG_3677

Have you ever wondered how astronauts go to toilet? Since there is no gravity in space, urine would float all around the place if it wasn’t for the gentle tug of air from the toilet bowl that pulls it in the right direction (much like a vacuum cleaner).


Next fun stop is the anti-gravity room!


Ok, it’s not really “anti-gravity” but the tilt of the room creates the illusion that you are in space, really! I enjoyed the anti-gravity feeling, because it was so real that it made me loose my balance. It was so fun to feel imbalance and fall down uncontrollably!


Don’t forget to take a photo of yourself as astronauts before you go! When you look at it, you will feel that you are a real astronaut.


KL Bird Park

(Official site)

The KL Bird Park is filled with many lively and beautiful birds which you probably haven’t seen before. It has the largest walk-in aviary, where birds can fly freely and walk leisurely around you!

You can view the huge aviary net from the observation platform at the National Planetarium.


One of the many beautiful peacocks at the bird park. It looks like a majestic king!


The peacocks there are trained to walk around showing off their majestic feathers. Everyone was so happy that they could take a photo of them leisurely.


Many birds crowd the floor at feeding time. I was thrilled to see many birds so near to me, because outside the bird park, most of the birds fly away whenever you get close to them!


You are allowed to pet the cute little hornbill. I loved to feel the soft feathers very much. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww 😉 .


A Southern Cassowary. It is a very unique bird because it has a colourful head with a black huge body. It looked really funny to me!


Feeding the birds is allowed, and they will be ever delighted to have you feed them. “Mmmm… Yummy vegetables!”


There was also an education centre where you are allowed to touch, pet, and also hold the soft little ducklings and chicks. Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!


I was really blown away to have a Sulphur-crested cockatoo named Coco say ‘Hello’ to me! Here is a video of him talking (2 sec). Enjoy!

Of course, I enjoyed the Bird Show most. Come and see how birds talk, act, and show their skills and talents, which will surely knock your socks off! 😉

Before you leave, don’t forget to take a photo at the photo booth with some beautiful, trained and friendly birds that would perch on your head, hands, and shoulders.

Looking at these photos will remind us that birds can be our pets and friends and we can have fun with them. They are also an important part in our eco system that we need to take care of.

Below is Siddu (right) and Sheetal (left) from India posing with the beautiful colourful birds.


3. The three heritage shopping bazaars in KL

Central Market

(Official site)

Central Market is a cultural shopping centre that displays multi-ethnic (Malay, Indian and Chinese) arts and crafts. It showcases traditions, cultures, and the heritage of Malaysia. I was so delighted because I could understand the multi-ethnicity of Malaysia better.


Originally, it was a wet market started in 1888, and now, it is a heritage site that allows you to shop for multi-cultural items like clothing, arts, and crafts.

Below is the Lorong India.


Lorong Melayu.


Straits Chinese.


The reason these 3 zones are built is to let visitors (like me) and tourists have an insight of the cultural differences of the different races in Malaysia and how they mix, so people can understand Malaysia and also the concept of 1Malaysia better.

This was also a shop that sells Malay traditional Wau Bulan kites. The kites were so colourful. Some were really big! Below is Suri, the shop assistant.


There were also fashion items from different races in Malaysia. The beautiful batiks are from the Malay race.


The pretty cheongsams and traditional clothing below are from the Chinese culture.


There was also a Native Gallery that displays the work of the natives in Malaysia. So exotic!


The item I liked most is the replica of the head of an aborigine. It was so fine and real!


Central Market is a famous tourist spot, because tourists love to discover the arts and culture of Malaysia. Below are 3 friendly tourists from Russia, Michael, Anna, and Andrew.


The Annexe section is known as the Art and Soul of Kuala Lumpur, because culture is the soul of a city.

There were displays of beautiful and unique canvas paintings in some of the shops. Below is C. Wok Harun, the owner and the artist of the shop.


Here is Melanie Tan, an assistant of the Art House Gallery. Below is her favourite painting in the shop.


The Museum of Ethnic Arts Gallery displays the rare work of natives and aborigines.


The museum has 3 halls filled with collections of exotic ethnographic arts. It took the collector, Mr. Leonard Yiu, years and years to collect.


A collection of Kris, traditional Malay weapons. Some were even priced at RM 5,000! That shows how rare they are.


Next is the captivating “Art of Borneo” section. The aborigines and tribes of Borneo crafted these beautiful statues and crafts with all their hearts and souls.

IMG_1994 IMG_1991IMG_1995 IMG_2003 IMG_2012 

There were also professional portrait artists at the Central Market Annexe. Below is Shamsuri b. Atan, an artist at Success Portrait. His drawings look very realistic!


Outside the Central Market were some shop outlets you can buy things from. You can also take a rest along the path under some shady trees.


Every Friday and Saturday nights, there are cultural performances at the stage outside the Central Market. I enjoyed one of the special concerts, a Gambus concert.


There was a huge crowd having a good time. Art and music is good for everyone to appreciate!


Central Market is truly the art and soul of Kuala Lumpur, that I really admired.

Chinatown/Petaling Street

Chinatown is situated at Petaling Street, a place in KL where Chinese traders conglomerate. This place attracts a lot of tourists. The prices are not fixed and very negotiable. I have learned to bargain here!

When the sun goes down, Petaling Street becomes busy, lively, and fascinating. The sunset nearby was spectacular too!


The entrance to Petaling Street looked really grand and full of Chinese culture!


Many visitors flock to Petaling Street, especially at night, because perhaps they came back from work or the temperature is cooler.


There were also many souvenirs, clothing, watches, bags, shoes, and others for you to buy. You would be so full of choices and can shop until you drop!


Roasted chestnuts are popular in Petaling Street. I bought so much of them. Mmmmmmmmmm… Deeeeeeeeelicious!


There were a lot of fresh fruits there too, like langsats and rambutans, which are really sweet and juicy local fruits!


Tripods and binoculars are sold there too! I brought an aluminum tripod here for RM 85 only (because I have learnt the bargain game)!


The picture I took of my brother and myself with the Petronas Twin Towers as the background at the KL Tower observation platform using my newly bought tripod.


Of course, I didn’t forget to take a photo of my 5-feet stretchable aluminum tripod there with the Petronas Twin Towers as the background too!


Petaling Street is crowded with not only locals, but tourists too! Here are two of them!
They were really happy and friendly!


Petaling Street has dozens of Chinese restaurants and food stalls. Yummy!


A Guilinggao shop, which sells Guilinggao as dessert. Guilinggao is also known as Tortoise Jelly or Turtle Jelly. It is very tasty and cooling to the body! Finally a healthy dessert!


Petaling Street is really a Chinatown full of life and surprises, and of course, is a shopping haven! I really enjoyed the busy and lively environment and the bargaining game.

Little India

Little India is the place where you can find quality products at low prices. A variety of items like clothes, handbags, and others, are sold there. The shop vendors in Little India are more of Indians and Malays.

Little India is situated along Jalan Masjid India, a street near an Indian Mosque. That’s where ‘Little India’ got its name from.


Little India is filled with culture, surprises, and life. As I took a walk there, I enjoyed the colourful bazaar and the lively crowd.


There were a lot of fashion items, like brooches, earrings and bracelets sold at really cheap prices!


So beautiful!


There were also unique arts and crafts for you to admire and buy.

IMG_1172  IMG_1175

There were many more Indian items outside the bazaar too. Sarees and other Indian clothing are abundant.


The fresh smell of the flower garlands was really fragrant and refreshing. Flower garlands are usually used during Indian ceremonies and prayers.


There were talented Henna artists who can apply Henna to your body. Many Muslims apply it to their hands for weddings, engagements, and family get-togethers. It usually wears off after 14 days.


There were jewelry shops crowded with many Indians and Malays.


It attracted lots of visitors because the items were cheap and also high quality.


Little India is truly a cultural and lively place. And even though I was only 11 years old, I enjoyed it because it was really lively and vibrant.

4. Fabulous Food 1Malaysia Food Festival

(Official site)

On 20 December 2009, I went to a Food Festival at the Putra World Trade Center.


The huge crowd going and leaving the food fair. Malaysians are truly huge fans of food!


The 1Malaysia logo containing many fruits and vegetables. I felt that it symbolized that Malaysia has many races just like many types of fruits and vegetables.


Bak Kut Teh (Meat Bone Tea) is one of the most popular Chinese foods in Malaysia. Chik Kut Teh, a variant of Bak Kut Teh, uses chicken instead of pork, so even Muslims can enjoy it. Perhaps, you can also try out other meats with the same herbal soup.


Rojak is a very popular kind of salad dish in Malaysia. It is a mixture of fruits and vegetables with the rojak dressing, which is a mixture of water, belacan, sugar, chili, and lime juice. If you have eaten it once, you would want to eat it again whenever you see it!
I love it so much.


There was also a delicious Penang oyster omelet. Mouth-watering!


This was a Chinese wok with a big fire! The fiery wok is one of the secrets of making the fragrant, delicious, and nutritious Chinese food, especially noodles – “Char Kuey Teow” is one of my favourite noodles cooked using this method.


Besides local cuisines, I did not miss out enjoying international cuisines like sushi too!


Some of the best restaurants in Malaysia showcased their best foods at the festival. They were fancily designed in various styles and arrangements, which were sure to make you hungry if you were there!

Lobster Sashshshshshshshshimi


Steamed Creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeamy Yam Buns!


Fried Tigerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Prawns with Hawthorrrrrrrrrrrrrrn.


The Yinggggggggggggg Yang Pomfrrrrrrrrrrrrret.


Cuuuuuuuuuuuuute and eatable fishshshsh and pandaaaaaaaaas!


When it comes to food, I believe that Malaysia has it all – the best gourmets, restaurants, food courts and hawker foods! So if you are a food lover, Kuala Lumpur is a place you must not ever miss!

5. Two heritage sites that bring back memories of Malaysia’s history

Tun Abdul Razak Memorial

Just a minute walk from the bird park is Memorial Tun Abdul Razak, the memorial of the 2nd Prime Minister of Malaysia.


Tun Abdul Razak is called the “Father of Development” because of his contribution towards rural development and social justice.

His son, Najib Tun Razak, is the 6th and current Prime Minister of Malaysia, who is the initiator of the 1Malaysia concept to further unite and prosper every Malaysian.

Both of them are dearly loved by the nation. I adore them too.


The National Monument

The National Monument is the intricate sculptures of the brave soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the peace of Malaysia during World War II.


The sculptures were so big, gorgeous and realistic. The soldiers really deserve it. Bravo!



Truly, this holiday has revealed to me many deeper aspects of Kuala Lumpur.

Kuala Lumpur, as the capital city of Malaysia, has a multi-ethnic population (Malays, Indians, and Chinese) who is friendly and charming and lives harmoniously in a joyous atmosphere. This is exactly what 1Malaysia is about!

It gives us the most wonderful opportunity to enjoy many different festive seasons, cultures and a large variety of food!

Secondly, Kuala Lumpur has so many hotspots for the old and young, and also locals and international tourists alike. Truly “funtastic”!

Thirdly, Kuala Lumpur has many well-reserved heritage sites that let us remember the history and the culture of Malaysia. And when we get to know Malaysia deeper, we will become more patriotic to our beloved country.

Lastly, Kuala Lumpur is truly the “heartbeat” of Malaysia. With modern buildings, landscaped parks, fabulous food, colourful bazaars, multiple cultures-religions-traditions, you name it, KL is the all-in-one city of uniqueness and harmony.


Kuala Lumpur is really the city you must visit for your next vacation! You’ll be really amazed and touched by the captivating aspects of Kuala Lumpur, the dynamic city filled with charming people from different races.

This is truly the most enjoyable, memorable and meaningful holiday that I’ll treasure for life!

By Gloson

Hello, my name is Gloson and I am an 11-year-old kid who lives in Malaysia. Here, I blog about anything interesting that I learn, including how-to's tips, and more.

Besides blogging, I am a funny poet who writes funny poetry that makes you giggle. Some of my funny poems can be found in this blog.

You can also find my cats series, a series of the funny and cute cat photos I took, here.

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Gloson, promise me the next one you do will be Malaysian Food
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good job ! – I think you got most of them except Butterfly park.

Keep up the good work you do not just your parents
proud but all Malaysians ! 🙂

Nice trip. You have experience, felt and smell it. I am sure you enjoy very much and gaining your knowledge too. These are some of them. There are a lot other places can visit around within federal territory.

Btw, I do not wish Tech Blog become “Foods Blog”… lol
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Wow Gloson these are awesome pictures. They kind of make me want to drop what I’m dong and high tail it to Malaysia to see the iconic Petronas Towers. The Petronas towers are also a very popular jump site for BASE jumpers all over the world.
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I’m sold! You made your case well. The Petronas Towers are beautiful, and the view is breathtaking, Gloson. I hope to visit there, one day.
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you looks so enjoy your holiday 🙂 What about this CNY holiday? Where did you go?
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Gloson, I came across your entry through the StumbleUpon network and left a positive review there… but I wanted to say that I truly, deeply enjoyed this post of yours. You are a very talented young man with a great future ahead of you. Well done, Gloson, well done!

Wow Gloson This is a mightily incredible post!

Tell me how does an 11 Year old come up with better content than a lot of the adult blogs I read? 🙂

It looks like you had a really fantastic time, it certainly does make me feel like perhaps taking a vacation there myself some time. Those buildings are huge!

Thanks again, you bought a smile to my face today – yet again!

Hi Daryl!

Thank you very much for the kind words! I guess that comes by reading other blogs and getting encouragement from others like you. 🙂

Yeah, I had a fantastic time. Those buildings were huge indeed! 🙂


When i was last in KL i had a great time. I went to watch the formular one racing. one of my greatest experiences. it was a little damp but truely amazing!

Awesome photos… It looks amazing place to visit…and yes building are huge…wow…

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