Merry Christmas! (And Some Christmas Poems)

Just a short post to wish all my readers a very merry Christmas. And in case you are looking for free eCards for which you can send to your friends, visit 123Greetings. It has loads and loads of free eCards (not only the Christmas ones)!

Also, I’ve got some Christmas poems to share with you 🙂 .

Santa and the Gift

It was a chilly, snowy day,
and it was dull, not bright.
And when the hands of all the clocks
were pointing at midnight,

Santa rode his flying sleigh
to give to Tom a present,
his reindeer sneezed; the gift fell off,
which wasn’t very pleasant.

His gift fell onto a police;
he thought it was a bat.
He fled away as fast as wind,
and left behind his hat!

Then Santa came down to the road
and grabbed the fallen gift.
He headed to his nearby sleigh
to give himself a lift.

Unfortunately, Santa Claus
slipped because of the ice.
His butt then landed on the ground,
which wasn’t very nice.

Unluckily, the gift then slipped
into a deep manhole.
Although he tried, he cannot reach it
with a long, long pole.

“I think I have no other choice,”
Saint Nick then tautly said.
And so, Tom got a pretty doll
that’s meant for girls, instead!

I hope you enjoyed them 😀 .

You can also check out Ewe Tunes, where sheep ‘baa’ songs to you, including Christmas ones.

And one more thing: Merry Christmas! 😉

By Gloson

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