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Here is the list of the media I have been featured in, sorted from oldest to newest. I really thank God, my family, my friends, and all of you for these achievements. ๐Ÿ™‚

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In the Newspapers
Meeting the Prime Minister of Malaysia
Appearances on TV
Blog posts featuring Gloson

Gloson in the Media video slideshow

A video I made from all the content below (as of 15 Aug 2010). Hope you like it! ๐Ÿ™‚

Video Contents:
Newspapers – 0:00
Meeting with Prime Minister – 0:58
Appearances on TV – 1:29
Blog posts on Gloson – 3:44
Achievements – 5:11

In the Newspapers

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Sin Chew Daily, 15 September 1999. Gloson Teh, 1.

New Straits Times, 17 September, 1999. Gloson, 1.

China Press, 22 September 1999. Gloson Teh, 1.

Utusan Malaysia, 30 July, 2001. Gloson Teh, 3.

The Life Post, 7 December 2002.ย  Gloson Teh, 4.

China Press, 3 February 2004. Gloson Teh, 6.

The Star, 9 January 2009. Gloson Teh, 11.

Sin Chew Daily, 2 February 2009. Gloson Teh, 11.

Malay Mail, 4 March 2009. Gloson Teh, 11.

The Star, 3 May 2009. Gloson Teh, 11.

The Star, 23 June 2009. Gloson Teh, 11.

Meeting the Prime Minister of Malaysia
New Straits Times, 11 July 2009. Gloson Teh, 11.

The Star, 11 July 2009. Gloson Teh, 11.

Sin Chew Daily, 11 of July 2009. Gloson Teh, 11.

Berita Harian, 11 of July 2009. Gloson Teh, 11.

Utusan Malaysia, 11 July 2009. Gloson Teh, 11.

Nan Yang, 11 July 2009. Gloson Teh, 11.

Guang Ming Daily, 11 July 2009. Gloson Teh, 11.


Berita Harian, 11 August 2009. Gloson Teh, 11.

The Star, 26th September 2009. Gloson Teh, 11.

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Appearances on TV

Star Online TV, 10 July 2009. Gloson Teh, 11.
GlosonTheStarOn-1 GlosonTheStarOn-3

โ€œMalaysia Hari Iniโ€, TV3, 13 July 2009. Gloson Teh, 11.
TV3-1 TV3-2

โ€œHello on 2โ€, TV2, 6 August 2009. Gloson, 11.
PICT0648 PICT0644

โ€œHello on 2โ€, TV2, 18 November 2009. Gloson Teh, 11.
PICT3954 PICT3958

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Kidz Magazine, September-October issue. Gloson Teh, 11.
Kids Kids 001 Kids 002

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Blogs posts featuring Gloson

Social media is not left out. (Click on thumbnails for the original and full blog post)

To the people below, thank you very much for writing about me. I really appreciate your kind words and encouragement. People like you motivate me and encourage me to keep going. Iโ€™m really touched! =) โ€“ Ali V. Tehrani, January 2009
AliVTehrani โ€“ Pius, 9 January 2009, in Swahili
Pius โ€“ Steven Wong, 10 January 2009
StevenWong โ€“ Gavin Tee, 11 January 2009
GavinTee โ€“ UPSR Today, 17 February 2009
upsrtoday โ€“ Claudia Broome, 7 March 2009
ClaudiaBroome โ€“ Claudia Broome, 13 July 2009
ClaudiaBroome (2) โ€“ Rugby Jones, 13 July 2009
RugbyJones โ€“ SJKC Hin Hua, 14 July 2009, in Mandarin
hinhua โ€“ Cyling Lim, 16 July 2009
cyinglim โ€“ Valeri, 11 August 2009
typeboard โ€“ Siok Siok, 30 August 2009
Twittamentary โ€“ Brad Thompson, 22 September 2009
TechXav โ€“ Christie Cruise, 11 February 2010
christiecruise โ€“ Writing Success, 19 March 2010
WritingSuccess โ€“ Ella Rain, 11 April 2010
lovetoknow โ€“ Devesh, 26 April 2010
TechnShare โ€“ Pius, 28 April 2010, in Swahili โ€“ Roni, 8 July 2010
flickrroni โ€“ Laurie McConnell, 12 July 2010

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Won the grand prize, an Acer laptop, from a blogging and technology quiz, 20 June 2009.
On the way to winning the first prize on the Blog Karnival - 20 June 2009 (3) Winning the first prize (laptop) of a IT related quiz contest on a blog karnival -20Jun0911TheStar

Testimonial featured on the back cover of The โ€œTailโ€ of Rugby Jones by Claudia Broome. Published in August 2009, USA.

page0001 Picture0027

The Youngest Published Poet in Malaysia, 9 September 2009IMG_7682 14TheStar

The champion of the โ€œOnce Upon a Twiceโ€ poetry recitation competition, 12 October 2009, USA.

Featured as a role-model by Claudia Broome in her speech for Read Across America Day, 2 March 2010.

Read Across America Gloson's Book

1st Runner-up in the Blog4FT contest, 28 March 2010.
26394_376961943788_724868788_3711851_7809971_n 26394_376961953788_724868788_3711853_7850224_n IMG_0365

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