Improve Your English Using MySasas Quizzes

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I came across this English educational site, recently. It is one of the best educational sites I’ve ever seen.

I find this site really helpful for students who want to improve their English.


MySasas means Smart and Adaptive Student Assessment System.

It has over 10,000 no ordinary English objective questions for you to answer.

You have to register in order to access the site. Don’t worry, registration is a quick process and you’ll have access to the awesome quizzes.

To register, click here.

The Quizzes

The quizzes are, as the site says, no ordinary!

To access the quizzes, click the quizzes tab. Then, you’ll see three levels, standard 4, 5, and 6. The easiest is standard 4 while the hardest is standard 6.

Click the standard, and then you’ll see a list of topics to test you on. Click on one of them. To answer the questions, choose the best answer (A, B, C, or D) and click next.

Each question has its difficulty level. In the image above, the difficulty level is easy. As you keep on answering the questions, the difficulty will get harder, from easy to difficult.

And watch out, for the difficult ones are really quite difficult! 😉

Corrective Lessons

The best part I like about these quizzes is that it comes with corrective lessons.

If you got a question wrong, you will learn why it is wrong, and if you got a question correct, you will learn why the other answers are wrong.

Here’s an example of a corrective lesson.

I really, really like the corrective lessons because they tell you how the other answers can be used correctly (See the example image above), even if you got the question right.

You don’t just test yourself by doing the quizzes, but also learn something new. I have learned a lot from the corrective lessons.

Adaptive Quizzes

And did I mention, the questions also adapt to your past performances. MySasas has a technology based on artificial intelligence that adapts to your current skills.

If you are weak in a certain topic, the technology will go down to your level and give you questions that are fair to your current competencies.

The adaptive technology, working together with the corrective lessons, then tries to progressively make you an expert in that topic. 😉


Besides quizzes, there is also a discussion section in the site, where you can discuss stuff with other members.

To explain it better, it is just like an online discussion forum.

There, you’ll find topics ranging from general English questions to science and more! So, if you have a question, don’t forget to post it there! 😉

Final Thoughts

I think MySasas is a really great and fun educational site for students (The best one I’ve seen so far), especially for those who want to improve their skill in English.

So, what are you waiting for?

Jump into this fun site, register, and get ready to answer the fantastic quizzes! 😀

To get started, click here!

Pictures of screenshots taken from MySasas website.

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Thanks for the introduction. At last I decide register myself with MySasas.
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