How to Make Your Blog Content Easy to Read

In this post, you will learn how to make your blog content easy to read…But why? So that your readers love reading your posts and won’t spend a hard time squinting at the text.

You know what I would say if I come across a blog with yellow text on a white background? Bye, bye! It is very difficult to read yellow text on a white background. So is reading very small text.

To make your readers comfortable, make your content look neat, tidy, and easy to read. Here are the tips.

Make lists

Yes, this is a neat way of blogging. Also, readers would get the point easily. Right now, you are reading a part of my list. See? You write the point at the header. Then, you put the details after the header, like I’m doing now. In the details part, explain.

Why should you make lists? It is neat. It is also easy for your readers to get the point. Imagine what would this article be like, if I don’t make lists. The text would seem mumbo jumbo. Lists also make your posts neat.

Use spaces frequently, appropriately

No, I did not mean the spacebar, but the ‘Enter’ key. Imagine what would this article be, if there are no spaces at all! What an unspacious texty text this article would be! So, use spaces.

But why? So that readers would keep track of what they are reading, with ease. Have you ever went across an unspacious texty text article before, and read the same line again? Also, if you use spaces, your readers would relax a bit. Spaces also make your post neat.

Be appropriate, though. Make it like chapters of a story, but rather ‘little’ chapters.

‘Unspacious texty text’ is just a phrase I made. There is no such thing!

Use fonts that are easy to read

Or not, readers would squint at the text. Come on, don’t make it a burden for your readers. Use fonts that are easy to read. Avoid cursive fonts. Not all people read cursive.

Also, don’t use very small fonts. Not all people like reading small text.

Make sure there is a high contrast between the text and the background

What happens when you see light blue text over white background? This 🙂 .

You can highlight the light blue text if it is disturbing. People won’t like to read light blue text over white background. Neither do they like reading gray text over black background.

So, make sure there is a high contrast between the text and the background. But I recommend using a white background and black text, as some people don’t like reading white text over black background.


Content that is easy to read would make your readers feel relaxed. Your readers will not spend too much energy reading your posts.

This list is not complete! If you know any other tips on making your content easy to read, please post it as a comment. Your comments would be appreciated.

By Gloson

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