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How I Got 3000 Visitors from a Single Tweet by a Power User

Last week, I got 3,000 visitors from just a SINGLE tweet by a power user. Wow, can you imagine the power of that single tweet?

Here’s how it happened


I woke up one morning to check my statistics… WHAT? I got 3000 visitors in one day? Cool!

I then hurriedly scanned my analytics to find out what was causing the huge spike in traffic.

I  discovered that a twitter power user, Jon Winokur @AdvicetoWriters, tweeted my blog post called 9 Confusing Confusions in English Grammar, which I published back in November 2010.

Here’s the tweet


When Jon tweeted my blog post, the snowball effect happened. His followers saw his tweet and retweeted it, and their followers saw their retweets and retweeted too; ultimately his tweet reached his followers’ followers’ followers. Get it? 😛

I checked my stats again to analyze the visitors three days since the tweet.

I checked how long these visitors spent on my page. Wow, the average time they spent reading my post was about 7:00 minutes! Not bad! 🙂


What we can learn from this

i. Targeted content

Now, it wasn’t just some power user who tweeted that post. It was a power user who solely focuses on writing advice—Jon (@AdvicetoWriters).

ii. Real followers

Jon has more than 60,000 followers (and has been listed over 4,000 times), and he is only following about 800 people!—which means his followers don’t auto-reciprocate or something, but they genuinely follow him because he gives top-notch advice for writers.

Maybe that’s why his tweets get a lot of attention and he is very influential.

iii. Some numbers

Seeing the stats of his link, Jon’s link was retweeted 68 times, and it received 3,154 clicks! That means that tweet to his 60,000 followers resulted in about 3,000 clicks, about 5%.

That’s not bad actually. Not everyone who has 100,000’s of followers can achieve that! One time a person with more than 100,000 followers tweeted a good post of one of my friends, but he told me nothing much happened.

iv. Quality content

That post I wrote about confusions in English grammar was not easy to write.

It took me like a whole week to write, revise, proofread, and repeat. And 3 months to learn about grammar in school. But ultimately, quality content brings a lot of benefit to your blog, so it’s worth the hard work writing it. 🙂

And THAT’s how much a tweet from a power user is worth! It’s always nice to occasionally get a spike in traffic (thanks a lot, Jon @AdvicetoWriters; I appreciate it!).

Have you had any experiences like this before? Please share it in the comments below. 🙂

By Gloson

Hello, my name is Gloson and I am an 11-year-old kid who lives in Malaysia. Here, I blog about anything interesting that I learn, including how-to's tips, and more.

Besides blogging, I am a funny poet who writes funny poetry that makes you giggle. Some of my funny poems can be found in this blog.

You can also find my cats series, a series of the funny and cute cat photos I took, here.

205 replies on “How I Got 3000 Visitors from a Single Tweet by a Power User”

Hi Gloson,
this is a great and inspiring story. I looked at your article and I have to say it is very informative and very entertaining at the same time. I especially like this part of the title “confusing confusions”. Haha. BTW, have you ever thought of learning German? This would be a really treat for you especially in terms of nouns, pronouns, subjects and objects. Have fun!

ur really grt who provide this my analytics to find out what was causing the huge spike in traffic. news free for costumers….really nice tricks.

Hello Gloson,

Thanks for such an informative post which is very informative and inspiring. This is certainly a big booster for me. Certainlt my confidence has just grown a lot more.

Also, a very catchy topic on English.

Pretty amazing effect, twitter is really effective when you have huge numbers of followers like Jon has. Informative posts and it does really open my eyes of twitter’s power 🙂 Thanks!

Jon’s followers are mostly real people. When I mean real, they are people who followed Jon because they think they can learn a lot of things from his tweets.

First off I have to say, I started reading your blog and I was impressed by the content, then my eyes wondered over to the right side and I was blown away by your age. I just hope my 4 children are as well written as you are when they reach the teen years.

Secondly, congrats on the tweet. Did you pick up any twitter followers from the exposure?

Hi Kurt,

Thank you very much for the nice words! Good luck to your children! And no, not really; I didn’t get a lot of followers from the tweet. I guess followers come from other ways. =)

Have a nice day!


It’s been a few months since you posted this, I was just wondering how well those Twitter visitors converted? Do you see repeat visitors from then to now?

Hi Daniel, I’ve been so busy with studies and all. LOL. 🙂 I do see a number of repeat visits though, but I think I still need to improve my methods of converting visitors, because it could have been better =)

Interesting. I once wrote an article on one of my blogs relating to Windows 7, and it was was retweeted by Windows (!/Windows / 276,000 followers) and I noticed that most of the visitors I got from that RT were apparently bots (or so it seemed). Google Analytics showed those visitors from the RT only accessed my article for under 5 seconds, which led me to believe they were nothing but bots. 🙁

It’s a reason why I really don’t use Twitter anymore, it’s becoming more bots than actual people.

Granted in your case it may have been different, seeing as how the person that tweeted to you was human and not a company or company product.

Hi Daniel,

Whoa, you got retweeted by Windows. That’s big! =)

Oh dear, 5 seconds only? Are you sure you’ve read your statistics correctly? Make sure you are on the statistics of THAT page alone. And then see the average time on page. =)

Yeah, Twitter are getting filled up with bots; that’s why we need HUMAN followers. =) We need humans followers that really follow, and not bots, and we need to think of our own ideas to get human followers. Agree? 🙂


That is a great post, too! Just goes to show that sometimes it’s better to spend a week researching and writing a great piece of content, rather that putting out random thoughts that go by unnoticed 🙂 I bet that post is still getting lots of traffic to this day, right?

Hi Pedro,

That’s the point most bloggers miss, Pedro. Great point! The post is still getting traffic, but not 3000 visitors everyday. LOL 😛


So true- REAL followers is the key. Nothing worse than having 1000 “followers” who are just robots! Its tough to do, but you have to focus on quality rather than quantity.

Hi Gloson,Nice post. You well explained your story with the help of screen shots. Thanks for sharing your four leaning points and information on how to make 3000 visitors from a single tweet by a power user and your post increases my confidence alot.

Something similar happened to me…..but my spike was 43 visitors in one day….and yes it was a Twitter post that went out to my small universe as well! Very cool to see things happen in such a “retweetable” fashion. Nice post! Good to share this info.

I had a similar experience and was truly amazed at some of the weight some of these people have in the online world.

It was amazing to watch as 1 tweet just snowballed into thousands of visitors, retweets and much much more.

Now if we can only “rinse and repeat” or build our own social influence like that we’d be set and have some real authority! 🙂

hi gloson,

Impressive figures on Twitter. I am a firm believer that Twitter works well if you just get the “right” person to re-tweet your stuff. Good to see that you are getting a great result here. And what impresses me more is you are only 13 yrs old.

Hi glosson,thats the power of twitter right? but i don’t thinks so because it depends on quality content you had, if your content is bad – no matter how many your follower are – it’ll be ignored but if it’s good and have quality, it’ll will explode your visitor. Good for you glosson and keep write quality content

I just read the blog post on grammar- good job! Content is definitely king in the blogging industry. Instead of focusing on schemes to get traffic faster, the best thing to do is focus on generating quality content first. Had your post been haphazardly made, the mentioned twitter power user would never had tweeted it.

This is a great story, don’t you love those surprises when out of the blue a post goes viral!!! Congratulations and hopefully you can continue to get the same type of success with your posts..

Wow! Unbelievable. And this is certainly an accomplishment to have a blog you posted recognized like that! 3000 visitors in a day is something I wouldn’t be able to do in my dreams! Keep the great posts coming!

Never noticed something like this on twitter but I know few stumble power users and even got a chance to notice a high traffic on my blog from share option. One stumbler shared my blogpost with his friends and in next 16 hours my blog traffic was almost doubled but I don’t believe in such traffic because I am not a power user lol. But these power users make nice fortune for sure.

You got us there! Really, your but that happens because you have posted something that triggers people’s curiosity and at the same time they can get information. Very well done.

Traffic spikes are always a good way to profit, but unfortunately they don’t happen too often. I remember my first and biggest spike with about 60.000 uniques in 2 days. My hosting crashed, but I still manage to gather about $250 for that.

Thank you so much for the tips Gloson. I can’t believe that your just young. You talk and write as if you’re already an adult. Thanks again for this suggestion about having a lot of visitors on your twitter account in just a single tweet. Good luck.

Your experience with Twitter is similar to an experience I had with Facebook. I had a post go somewhat viral after it was liked by a certain person on Facebook. Then their friends started liking it, and theirs and so on. It was really cool. The site traffic surged big time. The best part was that it was highly targeted traffic that I was able to profit from.

It serves as a testament to the idea that it is actually worth putting in the effort to create link worthy blog posts.

Wowwww… I never thought twitter can be this powerful, I guess the thing that got the readers attention on the tweet is the tittle of your post “9 Most Confusing confusions in English Grammar”. That’s really a great line and it sound very interesting which had made the users to check it. However the only thing that shocks me is the average time they spend on your post, 7mins an average? that’s not bad for an old post and i guess you really made a great post there. Congratulations. Thanks for sharing, i guess i need to follow more people on twitter to get more followers too.

Wow Gloson, this is impressive, just goes to show the true power of twitter, real people and quality content.

Although these days I think real people are becoming more and more difficult to find unfortunately, well especially on twitter I think.

Hi Gloson, Nice post. Nicely explained your experience. Thanks for sharing the points. It can help to all. I will also try for the same.

Haha, yes it has. Thanks for the concern. I’m really, really, really busy with my studies right now, so I must focus. Don’t worry though. When I’m done with it, I’ll start to post again! =D


nice article on how to get 3000 visitors from a single tweet , but for this one have to work hard, to attain such level of tweeting.
Awesome work done by you dude..

Hope to get more post from you soon!

Twitter is definitely a nice tool to gain exposure and traffic to the blog. Although I haven’t experience the re-tweeting, I wasn’t surprise on the results and the power of re-tweeting. Congratulations on having 3,000 visitors from Twitter and I wish that I could be able to achieve the same in the near future.

Glosson, you are genius! You can call yourself a pro when it comes to this game. You must be very smart. I have a son who will be 2 years old in 2 months. I wish he will have the gifts you have when he reaches your age. Congrats on the single tweet! Job well done. Kudos!

Gloson! i agree with your point that number of followers have an impact on the tweet popularity as you have mentioned, tweeters profile shows more than 82,000 followers. its a very cool tip in fact. to link with successful tweeters and go to the traffic peak.thanks for the thought provoking article.

Hello Glosson,

This is a very good example of the power of social networking. Your post is such an inspiration. I have been busy lately with family business and tend to miss my gameplan because of the fact that some really huge fish are in this market now. Not the one the stinks though 🙂 However, reading your story reminded of great stuff that is very possible and that prevented me now by just laying low. And guess what I’m talking to a 13-year old kid. I’m impressed. Thanks and congrats kiddo! 🙂

That’s a wonderful story. I think I have one of Jon Winokur’s books, something to do with curmudgeons. Wouldn’t it be great if you could close the loop and find out where Jon Winokur found your article in the first place (or was sent a link to it)?

One of the Twitter’s powerful features in marketing blogs is retweet. Yhey! It does great in you. You’re lucky you have loyal followers which helps you to achieve this success in your blog. Wish this works on mine too but you’re right, not without good content.

I can say that your lucky to have his tweet!! I did not experience such huge break in tweeter and I wonder how I would be glad if this happens to me. First, perhaps I will try harder in developing a very informative post to acquire a lot of viewers as well.

You don’t know how much I’ve learned from that posts and I’m guilty that I made some mistakes indicated there and I do enjoy reading it, no wonder why you gained 3000 visitors in a day by just a tweet. He is truly powerful to tweet your post and the title contributed as well because they must wanted to know the most common grammar so they check it out. Social Media is just so powerful for every site owner and blogger to expose their articles to people.

Welcome to the Writer’s Guild of Jon Winokur. I myself is tracking this guy. Though, I am not one of those 3000 people who visited you, I am eager to visit now. I just came up here via following also. It is amazing to know that that guy is really a big person in writing industry of bloggers. I do hope he too could recognize mine as well.
Congrats on your latest achievement.
Happy Blogging!
Genie 🙂

Hi there Gloson,

First time here on your blog and I’m really surprised that the owner of this blog is a kid. You must be very brilliant. The title of your headline intrigued me and most of all, the tweet is written by a kid 🙂 Jon must be very proud of you kid. Keep it up and keep me amazed!

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