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How I Got 3000 Visitors from a Single Tweet by a Power User

Last week, I got 3,000 visitors from just a SINGLE tweet by a power user. Wow, can you imagine the power of that single tweet?

Here’s how it happened


I woke up one morning to check my statistics… WHAT? I got 3000 visitors in one day? Cool!

I then hurriedly scanned my analytics to find out what was causing the huge spike in traffic.

I  discovered that a twitter power user, Jon Winokur @AdvicetoWriters, tweeted my blog post called 9 Confusing Confusions in English Grammar, which I published back in November 2010.

Here’s the tweet


When Jon tweeted my blog post, the snowball effect happened. His followers saw his tweet and retweeted it, and their followers saw their retweets and retweeted too; ultimately his tweet reached his followers’ followers’ followers. Get it? 😛

I checked my stats again to analyze the visitors three days since the tweet.

I checked how long these visitors spent on my page. Wow, the average time they spent reading my post was about 7:00 minutes! Not bad! 🙂


What we can learn from this

i. Targeted content

Now, it wasn’t just some power user who tweeted that post. It was a power user who solely focuses on writing advice—Jon (@AdvicetoWriters).

ii. Real followers

Jon has more than 60,000 followers (and has been listed over 4,000 times), and he is only following about 800 people!—which means his followers don’t auto-reciprocate or something, but they genuinely follow him because he gives top-notch advice for writers.

Maybe that’s why his tweets get a lot of attention and he is very influential.

iii. Some numbers

Seeing the stats of his link, Jon’s link was retweeted 68 times, and it received 3,154 clicks! That means that tweet to his 60,000 followers resulted in about 3,000 clicks, about 5%.

That’s not bad actually. Not everyone who has 100,000’s of followers can achieve that! One time a person with more than 100,000 followers tweeted a good post of one of my friends, but he told me nothing much happened.

iv. Quality content

That post I wrote about confusions in English grammar was not easy to write.

It took me like a whole week to write, revise, proofread, and repeat. And 3 months to learn about grammar in school. But ultimately, quality content brings a lot of benefit to your blog, so it’s worth the hard work writing it. 🙂

And THAT’s how much a tweet from a power user is worth! It’s always nice to occasionally get a spike in traffic (thanks a lot, Jon @AdvicetoWriters; I appreciate it!).

Have you had any experiences like this before? Please share it in the comments below. 🙂

By Gloson

Hello, my name is Gloson and I am an 11-year-old kid who lives in Malaysia. Here, I blog about anything interesting that I learn, including how-to's tips, and more.

Besides blogging, I am a funny poet who writes funny poetry that makes you giggle. Some of my funny poems can be found in this blog.

You can also find my cats series, a series of the funny and cute cat photos I took, here.

205 replies on “How I Got 3000 Visitors from a Single Tweet by a Power User”

Congrats on that! I’ve experienced something similar, so I can relate. In 2007 I awoke and checked my stats to see 18-thousand hits???????? I had accidentally posted about someone and something two months earlier – the story then suddenly made national news, and I was the only thing on the internet (for about 5 hours) that had anything on topic!

Nice feeling. Rare occurance! It would be nice if we had magic dust we could sprinkle on our keyboards and make everything

Hi Dave,

Woooow, your story made national news? That’s AWESOME! 😀 It must be a really happy experience for you. But the thing is there is no magic dust. 😛


Hi Dave.

Thanks, you attentive mathematical whiz! Corrected. I must have forgotten to convert the decimal into percentage, and ended up percentagizing the decimal. Thanks for the math lesson. =)


Gloson , To be a good blogger one has to face different situations. Some time traffic is high and some time its low. But good knowledge of handling traffic can increase your blog popularity with a little effort. Few months ago one of my post got discovered by StumbleUpon user , the traffic was 3k-4k per day for around 5-7 days. Then the traffic started decreasing then I thought I have to implement some experience , So placed widgets of blog networks traffic exchange. Which doubled m traffic and got the same post popular on an another social bookmarking site.

Hi! Wow, thanks for sharing your experience. 3k-4k per day? You serious? That means in about a week you’ve received approx. 21,000 visitors. That’s amazing! 🙂


Yes Gloson, its only the quality that matters. I checked your that article long back and I must say, this is one of the best article and that is the reason jon (@AdvicetoWriters) tweeted on his quality twitter account which resulted in very heavy traffic.

Hi Pritam,

Thank you very much Pritam. I’m glad you enjoyed that post I wrote about grammar. 🙂 Yeah, I agree with what you said which is quality matters.


Hi Gloson, first time commenting on the blog. I am absolutely taken back by how well you write for such a young man. It’s incredibly impressive. And that is one nice traffic spike 🙂

I once had something re-tweeted by someone with influence on twitter and its awesome. The domino effect is pretty cool where people re-tweet the power users tweet.

Anyway, great post. Hopefully i will comment some more on the blog in the future.

A really interesting case study. I’ve just been reading Malcolm Gladwells work on “the power of the maven” and this is his principle in practice.

Find the key influencers in any market is a great way to switch on visibility. A lesson for us all, that working hard at developing one contact – the right contact can be a million times (or 3000 times!) more effective than a scattergun approach!

Congratulations on having 3,000+ pageviews. I haven’t experience of being re-tweeted by other twitter account. I just hope that some people could re-tweet my tweets too. Anyway, I realize how much a re-tweet could contribute so much in increasing page views.

Hi Evelyn,

Thanks a lot! Don’t worry. You can get retweeted too. I find that the best way to get retweets to retweet people first, agree? 🙂


First, congratulations on the spike in traffic! While the tweet helped drive traffic to your site, what really was at the heart of your success was the quality and relevance of your article — and your persistence. Hard work pays dividends!

Wow, that’s very awesome, Gloson. I’m already speechless here. You just beat the adult blogger guys. Well done, kid. 🙂

Hi Gloson!

Congrats on the Twitter success! Every once in a while we luck out when a power-user shares our content socially, but something you mentioned shows that it’s not *really* luck at all. You worked really hard on that post and polished it as much as you could, and invested quality time making it really solid. That counts for a lot, because as you said, power-users are influential because they only share content that’s worthwhile. Their reputations and social klout depend on it.

So good job!


Hi Delena,

Thanks, and totally agree! Yeah, power user frequently tweets quality content. So if you want more chances of getting retweeted by a power user, first step is to write quality content. =)


Congratulations! That’s amazing… this is how viral information spreads on the internet, it’s a perfect example of this effect. I liked your chart by the way!


Hello Gloson, this is the first time I am visiting your blog. While looking through the side bar I understood that you are a great young talent 🙂

This is another example which shows that great content will always get rewarded. You have wrote a great piece of content and the reward came in the form of a tweet from a popular person.

Hello Rojish,

Thank you so much. Yeah, it’s all thanks to @AdvicetoWriters =). By the way, I’ve just visited your blog and it looks like a great blog! =D

Good work,little man.I agree quality content always gets respect not only from search engines,but also from visitors


I totally agree, Twitter, but not only, the social networks generally speaking are extraordinarly good. I remember, I posted a thing on a Facebook page and it brought me a lot of visitors, comments and likes. I didn’t got way too far with Twitter because I don’t got the hang of it already but, I will read a lot and learn about Twitter because I noticed it is a very strong tool. Thanks for sharing!


Hi George,

Agreed. Any social network can bring you lots of traffic if it is utilized and used well. Congratulations on your facebook success! Which was your popular article? =)


Wow! That’s a great success on Twitter Gloson! 3000 visitors is unbelievable! But the graphs just showed it did happen! I really learned a lot from this very inspiring share and I hope I could also apply this to my business. But of course, I must learn to master Twitter first! Haha!

Did you get any increased number of readers of your blog? Or did they just read that article and never came back?

that was a heck of visitors from just one tweet..this proves the power of twitter..and you get really targeted visitors..I was under impression that twitter is useless as most of the people just follow the people for the numbers.. it proves people actually use twitter to get real information..

better head over to twitter and get some real followers

Wow ! That’s wow and wow and wow. That’s very lucky of you Gloson. Actually, the largest traffic to my blog from Twitter is only 4.. LOL I haven’t been using Twitter that much though.

Hi Argie!

Haha, thank you very much! Actually, your visitors from twitter are more than that. Most of twitter visitors are direct traffic because they come from apps, clients, etc. Only the ones that come from web show up as visitors from =)


Yup . You’re right with it Gloson. Actually I do receive some comments from Hotsuite, some twitter apps and on mobile as well.

I’m curious the quality of your visitors. I’ve never been able to get quality visitors to my site from twitter. Mostly bots and scrapers. Congrats on the traffic spike though. Very impressive

Wow it cool in just one day being able to have a 3000 visitors. I’ve never had that spike of traffic on my sites before for just one day maybe someday I hope…LOL:-)

Regardless of who ReTweets your posts, your point is good about targeted followers. I am convinced my 3500 followers are far more valuable than a 50,000 followers because mine is 99% targeted.

Hi Paul,

That’s great! I don’t even know how to create tools like yours. Haha. 😛

By the way, I can’t find your about-me page. I think your blogs needs an about-me page, because people who like your blog are probably wondering who wrote the posts. =)


P.S. My name is Gloson, not Jason. 😛

Hi Gloson

What a nice surprise to wake up to all those visitors 🙂 I have had a couple of spikes in visitors, but they came from stumbleupon not from tweets. And people didn’t stay on my site for 7 minutes either.

I remember that post and it was very well written. As English is my only language, I do tend to notice grammatical errors and spelling mistakes in posts. However, if the person has English as a second language it is understandable. No excuse for us English speakers though!

Hope the schoolwork is going well. Have a great weekend Gloson. As always, an enjoyable read. Thanks for sharing with us. Much appreciated.

Patricia Perth Australia

Hi Patricia, Very nice of you to drop by! 😀 Thanks for the comment! Yeah, if the person has English as a second language it is excusable, but it’s still important to improve! =) Have a great weekend too Patricia! =)


Wow, that’s quite incredible. It really a case of being in the right place at the right time though and there’s not much that one can do to ensure that it happens, but I guess you need to be sure to capitalise on it if and when that does happen by going the extra mile to respond to everyone and making everyone feel welcome.

Hey Gloson,

This story is totally awesome! I haven’t been around your blog very much, but everytime I come you always seem to hit me with a really good article! That’s only telling me that I’m doing something wrong, and that’s not taking a little more time to see whats going on here. 3,000 visit from a single tweet! This pretty amazing, and I can’t wait till the day I wake up to a big traffic spike like that.

Top quality content does the trick right?

God bless,
William Veasley

Hi William Tha Great! =D

Haha, thank you very much! I’m really happy you liked my post. Yup, I think the time I spent writing it and the research I did ultimately resulted in the power user tweeting my post. It was truly worth it. 😀


This is really great Glosson. I’ll tell you not everybody comes across such magnificent opportunity like this. I’m really happy for you.


Congrats Gloson. Its amazing that a single tweet from a power user got you so much traffic. I hardly get any traffic from Twitter, but after reading your post I would definitely going to use Twitter more often.

What I learned from this is you have to make your content worth tweeting. A Twitter power user might stumble on your blog and if found something of his interest then you might end up like our young friend Gloson. Cool post, thanks for sharing 🙂

Hi Gloson,
Congrats. Its a very inspiring story. It would have been so nice to have become a star overnight. It teaches us that quality work does get you rewards one day. So, never compromise with quality.

Superb Gloson. Its amazing that a single tweet from your user, got you so much traffic. I did not get any traffic from tweeter. I was hopeless but right reading your post I would definitely going to use Twitter more often.I am regular reader of your blog even though you did not approve my comment. But i will continuously visit your blog. Thanks


Hi Sara,

Yeah, Twitter can be a very good source of traffic, but if only you use the right methods and ways. Glad to hear you’re choosing Twitter! 🙂

So sorry for being late in approving your last comment. Approved now! 😀 And thanks for the continuous support! I appreciate it! =)


Hi Gloson,

Thanks for approving my comment, last time i was anger with you thats why i make a aggressive comment. I am very glad to hear from your side thanks for replying. My prayer are with you. God bless you.


Hi Sara,

Thank you very much, and I apologize again. You’re welcome, and I really appreciate all the comments you’ve made. Thanks a lot! =)


Congratulation to your success! That is the fruit of your own labor and now you are starting to harvest it, thanks to twitter which is i also use in promoting. Cheers men!

Hello Glosson,that was a very article on English grammar,That you got the recognition for it.twitter is a very good source of traffic if you use it effectively.

Unbelievable! I made some Twitter and Facebook campaigns myself, but I can tell you I never got such a huge traffic just because of one single post.

I agree with you about having quality content, real and targeted followers, but I also think there’s some pure luck that made all the things rollin’

Anyway congratulations for your achievement! Hope I’ll get traffic like that sometimes too:D

The best thing about having a power user tweet your content is that those guys have real followers, people who are interested (they click and read) in what that power user tweets. Good Job !

Nice analytic skills for a 13 year old. Don’t mean to sound condescending, it’s just that few can digg up information and understand stats like you do at your age.

Oh, yeah, and the post deserved to be retweeted by a power users. Keep it up with posting quality articles and I’m sure more power users will tweet your posts.

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