Flash Flood in My Area

2 days ago, there was a flash flood in Subang Jaya, where I live. The flash flood is near a factory. Good thing I live on the high ground, where the flash flood can’t reach. So, I’m safe.

When the rain poured, lightning struck my house electricity, so, I took some photos of my cats… Then, my father fixed it…But lightning stuck again…so I took more cat photos.

Isn’t he adorable?

Orange – too sleepy.

Now that‘s what I call a cat-kiss!

But I got bored…so, I went upstairs and ask my father to fix the circuit, but he refused because lightning would strike again, probably. As I got nothing to do, I looked out the window to see cars splashing water (not the flash flood) as they drove down a slope. So, I took a picture of it.

Suddenly, cars are stopping there. Because of my curiosity, I went out to see what’s going on…so I walked…and saw more cars stopping. A car met an accident, it was not serious, though –

All of a sudden, I looked, and realized there was a flash flood (two trucks were passing through that time)! I hurriedly hurried back home for the sake of photos 🙂 .

The flash flood, not a monsoon drain.

Vehicles are heading away from the flash flood.

Car accident – the car got hit at its butt 😛 . Those cars are probably driving too fast to notice the flash flood.

Cars driving away from the flash flood.

Malaysians team up to push the car away from the flash flood.

That’s how deep it is. Good thing trucks are high enough to pass through the flood.

Driver seemingly complaining about his damaged car.

pulang :)
Vehicles returning as they had no choice.

pulang more :|
More cars doing the same thing.

End of photos…

I am grateful that I live at a high ground…the fence keeps the people in my area from falling.

Bye for now…

By Gloson

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