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I had trouble managing my categories. Every time I had to modify the categories of some posts, I had to go into the post. Then, I had to go back out, and go into another post to modify its categories… How inconvenient!

I thought there must be a more convenient way to manage categories… And eventually found one. How happy I was! Now, I do not have to go into and out of a post to manage their categories anymore; I can edit it right from wp-admin/edit.php.

This plugin, called Admin Management Xtended, lets you edit some of your post settings from wp-admin/edit.php. So, you don’t need to go into and out of a post to edit its settings anymore!


Before you install the plugin…

After you do…

The plugin added a ‘Post Revisions’ link there. Click the pencil icon near each title, author, categories, and tags of the post to edit it right away. In the ‘Actions’ column, you can toggle the visibility of the post, change the publication date, edit the slug (the permalink), and toggle comments off and on.

When you click the pencil icon near the categories of the post, a window will pop up. You don’t have to leave the page. Isn’t it convenient?

After you modify the categories, click save, and voila – it’s modified!

If you click other icons of the plugin, a similar thing will happen. If you click the toggle visibility and comment icon, just wait for a little while, and it’s done.

If you click post revisions, a window like the one above will appear, showing the history of your edits of your post. Click one, and you will be taken to a page with the HTML code of the post of that time. This is useful if you think the old version of your post is better than the new one.


And did I mention… It’s completely free!

Click here for the homepage of the plugin and click here for the direct download.

After you have downloaded it, unzip and upload it into your wordpress plugin directory (www/wp-content/plugins/).

After that, activate it in your wordpress administration plugin area.

You’re done!

I really enjoy that plugin, and I hope you’ll enjoy it too!

Update: In wordpress 2.7, this feature is featured in it(mouse over a post and click ‘Quick Edit’), so you do not have to install this plugin for WordPress 2.7.

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2 replies on “A Very Convenient Plugin For WordPress”

Yup, this is one of those plugins that makes it so much easier to change any categories, tag or even page title.

Anyway, I’m impressed by how young you are and the fact that you are blogging at this age says a lot about you as individual. Parental support is critical too of which I’m pretty sure you have it all.

All the best, pal. Keep blogging and Malaysia Boleh.


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