My Cute and Funny Cats: 8

Orange: Hi there! Welcome to episode 8 of the cats series! In this episode, I’m gonna smile all day long!

Orange, the smiling cat.

There he goes again!

And again!

And again!

And again…

And again.

Wait a minute. This is White, not Orange.


White: Orange makes a good bed!

Orange: And White makes a good bolster!

White: It’s nap-time with the smiling cat!


Blackie: Hi guys. My name is Blackie. Also known as Batman’s cat, or the ‘cool’ cat.


Searching for “Why is my cat always sleeping on my computer?”


Orange: Good night everyone! Oops. I mean, good day everyone! I hope you enjoyed this episode of the cats series. Stay tuned for more.

This is the life…Where are my sunglasses?


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By Gloson

Hello, my name is Gloson and I am an 11-year-old kid who lives in Malaysia. Here, I blog about anything interesting that I learn, including how-to's tips, and more.

Besides blogging, I am a funny poet who writes funny poetry that makes you giggle. Some of my funny poems can be found in this blog.

You can also find my cats series, a series of the funny and cute cat photos I took, here.

4 replies on “My Cute and Funny Cats: 8”

Nice photos. They look like my ginger cat, Jadzia.

Yesterday, I placed a small, toy mouse on her head and it remained there for over an hour – that’s how little she moves!

Cat’s certainly know how to take it easy 😉

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