My Cute and Funny Cats: 4

One day, my cat climbed up to my computer chair. Coincidentally, I left the ‘Add and Remove Programs’ window open! My cat was about to touch the controls… Anyways, please welcome the computer cat guru, Lovely! (Enjoy!)


Lovely: At last…almost reaching the computer….

Lovely: Now, what do we have here? Add or Remove Programs? Wow! I wonder what programs should I add. I hope Gloson doesn’t mind.

Lovely: Oh! There you are, Gloson…Don’t you mind if I add a program?
Gloson: No, I don’t. 

Lovely: But how? Dang! I forgot how to add programs. Think! Think! Think! Think…

Lovely: …think…think…think…thiiiinkkkkk…*sleeps*

Lovely: …think……think……think…*wakes* What the?! I am hugging Orange? Whatever…back to the computer.

Lovely: Hey, Gloson! I found the photo on which last time I hugged with Orange!

Lovely: And don’t forget that I am going to hide it!


Blackie: Hey, there! Would you take me out for a ride?

Blackie: Please?


Orange: I enjoy to go shopping with Rockson! (Rockson is Gloson’s little brother.)


Snowy: Oh my goodness! Would you look at that!


Find out what Snowy is looking at in episode 5!
Episode 5 would be posted on 5th of December, so don’t miss it!

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Update (5th of December): Epsiode 5

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