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How To Redirect URL in Your Blog

You wrote a killer article and you received many, many links that are linking to your article. For some reason, you wanted to change the permalink. But if you changed it, the links to your blog will be broken

This is when a wordpress plugin, called ‘Redirection’, comes handy.

Redirection let you redirect any URL in your blog to another site, or to any other page in your blog.

With redirection, you can redirect the visitors who visits the original permalink to the new one, so that your visitors won’t end up in a 404 page.

How to use it


To get to where you can set up redirections, for wordpress 2.6 users, go to Manage >> Redirection. For wordpress 2.7 users, go to Tools >> Redirection.

It is very simple to set up a redirection.

First, you type in the source URL, the URL that needs redirection (/twitter). Simply type a slash, and then the URL.

Then, type in the target URL, the URL that your visitors would be redirected to (

People who visit ‘’ will be redirected to ‘’.

If you want ‘/twitter’ to redirect to one of your blog posts, type in the target URL, ‘/your-blog-post’.

To finish creating the redirection, click ‘Add Redirection’.

The plugin will also show you how many times the URL has been accessed. Cool eh?

It is best if you create two versions of the source URL (one with a slash ‘/’ and one without) because

although redirects to, (with a slash) won’t. So, you need to create another redirection (type ‘/twitter/’ in the source URL) so that the people who visits the URL with a slash would be redirected, too.

How it is useful

404 pages
Like the story I told above, if many blogs are linking to one of your posts and you have changed the permalink, you can set up a redirection so that the people who visits that link will be redirected to the right page and not a 404 page.

Affiliate links
For Internet marketers who would like to hide affiliate links, this plugin comes in handy. Simply redirect your visitors to your affiliate link from a source URL like this, ‘/go/product-1’ or something like that.

URL Shortening
This is useful for long URL’s that are hard to remember. For example, you can’t remember that long URL to your facebook profile. You could use your blog for redirection. For example, redirects to my facebook profile.

I find this plugin handy and useful. Oh, and to download the plugin and read more about it, click here.

Useful Tools

View and Control Your Friend’s Computer With TeamViewer

Have you ever wondered if there was a way to control your friend’s computer from overseas?

TeamViewer made it possible to do that. (In fact, you could control any other computer in the world, as if you are sitting in front of it.)

Why it is useful

Team Collaboration
Your friend wants to redesign his blog. But he doesn’t know how to. This is where TeamViewer comes in handy. In case you do not know, TeamViewer also lets you chat with your friend (You could also use an instant messenger).

After you have gained access to your friend’s computer, you help your friend redesign his blog. At the same time, teaching him. You can also discuss if you have a suggestion for your friend.

It would be like virtually sitting next to each other.

If your friend does not know how to use Photoshop to edit a picture, you could use TeamViewer to teach him how. When you are editing the picture, your friend could see what you are doing, and learn.

File Transferring
With TeamViewer, you can transfer a file from your computer, to your friend’s. You can transfer it to exactly where you want it to be, too.



After you install TeamViewer, you would get an ID number. Each time you open TeamViewer, it automatically generates a password. You can also create your own password.

So, how does it work?
Firstly, ask your friend for his ID and password. Your friend must leave TeamViewer on in order for you to gain access to his computer. Then, select ‘Remote support’ and type your friend’s ID. After connecting, TeamViewer will request your friend’s password. After you’ve entered the password, a window showing the screen of your friend’s computer will open. Then, you can control your friend’s computer.

Of course, your friend would have the highest priority. Once your friend controls, you wouldn’t be able to control.

To disable you from controlling his computer anymore, your friend would have to click the small window near the taskbar, and then the X button.

If you want to ‘show off’ your presentation to your friend, this feature is for you. To use this feature, select ‘Presentation’ before clicking ‘Connect to Partner’.

But this is different. Instead of seeing your friend’s screen, your friend would see your screen. Your friend can not control your computer. Instead, a big blue mouse would appear in your screen. When your friend clicks on your screen, the the big blue mouse would move there.

In this feature, the quality of the partner’s screen is enhanced, to make the presentation clearer.

File transfer
You can also transfer files from your computer to your friend’s using TeamViewer. To use this feature, click ‘File transfer’ before clicking ‘Connect to Partner’.

Your friend would then receive a message, asking him whether to let you transfer files to his computer, or not. He has 10 seconds to approve. When the time runs out, the request would be denied.

If your friend accepts the request, you will see the directory of files and folders in you and your friend’s computer. You can transfer your file to wherever you want in your friend’s computer.

How I Use Teamviewer

I use TeamViewer for team collaboration.

Sometimes, my friend from overseas need help with his blog. But I am not the administrator of the blog, so I couldn’t help him. Fortunately, he has TeamViewer, too. I then gained access to his computer. He is already logged in to his blog as the administrator. I then helped him with his blog.

One day, I wanted to show to my friend a powerpoint presentation. So, we logged in to Teamviewer and he could see the presentation.


If you want to download TeamViewer for free, go to its website,

If you already use TeamViewer, how and why do you use it?