Mathematics Trick

Last time, a presenter presented at our school about their mathematics tuition. In the presentation, he taught us a trick to make our division a piece of cake. (Sorry I forgot to post this earlier 🙂 )

However, this trick can only be used when a number is divided by five.

Instead of doing the ‘hard’ way (‘/’ means divide),

40 / 5 = 8

you do the easy way:

First multiply 40 by 2:

40 x 2 = 80.

The answer is 80, right?
Now, you take away the 0.


It becomes 8, and that’s the answer.

Isn’t that simple?

But if the number doesn’t end in 0…

41 x 2 = 82

You put a decimal before the last digit.


That’s the correct answer, right?

Now, this could be useful when dividing biiiig numbers, such as 192123789.

192123789 / 5 = ?

Well, that looks hard, doesn’t it?
It doesn’t?
But it will take more time.

If you use this method, it would be quicker.

x             2

If you don’t like multiplication, simply do this way:

+ 192123789
+ 192123789

I hope you will find this information helpful. 🙂

Personal Development

How NOT to Lose Your Belongings

Okay, here, I am talking about cell phones, cameras, and other belongings which you bring along with when you go out, and not pianos, TV’s, CPU’s, or washing machines. Ok, you know what I’m talking about.

Today, on 25 October 2008, my school held a carnival. There were a lot of stuff there, such as inflatable castles, paintball, horse rides, archery, a haunted house, food, performances, and a lot more.

I was beginning to feel droopy and tired after the archery, so I settled down for some food. I only ate a burger, and then I got up to go home. Seconds later when I was walking, my mother checked her handbag and asked me where is the camera. I was shocked to realize that I left it on the bench where I ate.

I ran back there to take it back, only to find that it was gone! I was feeling truly shocked then. I then looked everywhere – in the canteen, in the hall, in peoples pockets, in peoples bags (LOL), just everywhere. While my mom made an announcement about it.

I was feeling more droopy than ever! I finally sat in the canteen, hoping that I could spy someone holding my camera or filled-with-large-things pockets. And of course, luck does not come that easily. So, I stumbled home with my mom.

After that, she gave me a little advice and tips on how not to lose your belongings, and I thought of some, too. And I thought that I might want to share them with you, here on my blog.

  1. Try not to hold your belongings with your hand.
    You never know when you are droopy and tired, and when you sit down, you may just put it on the thing you are sitting on and walk off without realizing that you have left something behind.
  2. Instead, tie your belongings to you or your clothes.
    You can tie your belongings using a string to your neck, like a pendant, but insure that it is comfortable so that you won’t hurt your body.
    You can also tie them to your waist, like how some people do with cell phones.
  3. Try not to place your wallets or expensive stuff in your pockets.
    That’s because they can result in being stolen by pickpockets.
    You barely realize what is happening when you are in a crowded place or public vehicle, when you are droopy and tired.
    And then, somebody secretly picks your pocket without you realizing.
    But if you want to place them in your pockets, be sure to attach them to your pockets.
  4. Update: Do not let go of something unnecessarily.
    You are traveling in a bus bringing an umbrella. As the bus travels, you feel sleepy and you put your umbrella under the bus seat. When the bus arrives, you go out of the bus. After some time, you realized you left your umbrella behind. Come on, at least put the umbrella on your thigh.
  5. Update: Do not be surrounded by children
    Although this may sound weird, some children are trained to steal and rob people. An article in Malaysia’s national newspaper, The Star, says that there was a traveler surrounded by children. The children said to him, “You’re an American. I love Americans!” The next moment the traveler was robbed of something by the children, who dashed away.
  6. Update: Do not dress expensively.
    Some sneaky thieves may just snatch them away. You’ll never know.

That’s all

I will update here as soon as I get new ideas.


How to Mind Read

On Monday (6 October 2008), there was a…uh….something like a presentation about skills in mathematics in school.

There was a student who was bored, so he talked and then the teacher asked him to stand up. He also asked someone for a piece of paper and wrote a number on it. He folded it and then gave it to the student who was standing.

After that, he wrote numbers on a white board, like this:

1 2 3 4
5 6 7
8 9 0

Next, he asked the student what four numbers he hated most. Next, the teacher crossed out the numbers that he hated.

1 2 3 4
6 7
8 9

Now, the teacher asked for four numbers that he loved among 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, and 9.

And then he crossed out the numbers mentioned.

Now, it looks like this:

1 2 3 4
6 7
8 9 0

After that, he asked for one number that he loved, and crossed it out.
Now it is:

1 2 3 4
6 7
8 9 0

And then the student unfolded the paper, and in there was written, ‘5’.
So, the teacher said that all the students should be quiet and pay attention because he can read minds. LOL!

The Secret

Well, you know what? I found out how he did that by my own! And I thought it was pretty easy.


That ‘Friend’ May be a Worm

There is a newspaper article I would like to share with you. It tells you how to prevent yourself from being scammed (in social networking sites like Facebook and Myspace). Here it is.


If, by chance, you’ve received a message from a ‘friend’ in the last few
days saying that you’ve been caught on tape, it’s not true.

Unless you’re Paris Hilton. But no, she’s been tossing a dwarf. OK, not really, but there are just two of the scams Facebook and MySpace users have been hit with recently.

The malicious software attempts to lure users in with messages ranging from “You’ve been catched on hidden cam” to the one about Hilton tossing a dwarf on the street. The messages contain a link that takes unsuspecting users to a webpage that looks like YouTube. There the page tells visitors that to view the video, they need to click on another link to download and install updated software.

Those who fall for the scam are actually installing malicious software.

The worm, called Koobface, turns compromised computers into ‘zombie’ machines that can be used in other types of online attacks. The malicious software may also include keylogger software, which can record a computer user’s keystrokes – and potentially grab passwords when they are entered on a computer.

Common sense needed

Alexander Gostev, senior virus analyst at computer security firm Kaspersky Lab, said in a statement that this type of attack could be a successful one for hackers.

“Users are very trusting of messages left by ‘friends’ on social networking sites. So the likelihood of a user clicking a link like this is very high,” he said.

Facebook has also been alerting users to a hoax message claiming that the site is overpopulated and that some accounts soon will be deleted. Facebook’s security page offers a few common-sense suggestions for those worried about security. (“If a link or a message seems weird, don’t click on it,” is one tip.)

The company is still investigating the malware attack, according to spokesman. According to research firm Cloudmark, users of a social networking sites are reporting a rise in spam. An average of 64 spam attacks have been reported over the last year, and 37% of users have noticed an increase in the last six months in unwanted messages. –


Well, I guess we should be more careful about messages because some of them are dangerous and can harm your computer.

And by the way, this article is found in The Star newspaper on 4 September 2008.