What a Waste of Precious Time!

Yesterday, my mother went to KL (Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia) with me to ask a illustrator to teach me how to use Adobe PhotoShop (So I can publish my book).

1. First, she phoned a staff of the company and asked how many illustrators the company has. There were four. So, she said that she would go there later, because she thought that four illustrators are more than enough…

2. Then, my mother rushed, with me, to KL. (We started out journey at 10:00 am)

3. First, we had to walk (my father was out with his car) all the way to a bus stop. It was a loooooooooooooooooooooong way. Luckily, my mother stopped at a petrol station and found someone kind enough to send us there. The bus came some time after we arrived at the bus stop.

4. And then, we were in the bus….for more than 30 minutes! We were going to KL Central. Finally, we reached there, and walked to the monorail station.

5. There were three ticket counters. The first one was queued up with lots of people, the second one, a little. The third one, a little.
We queued up in the first line, until my mother noticed that the queue in ticket counter 2 was so short! She then rushed there.
We saved a lot of time queuing in the first queue. I wonder why the people in the first queue did not go to the second ticket counter, which is foolish.

6. After that, we took the monorail train to a building, then entered the office…to find out that the illustrator didn’t come…What a waste of time! I was so frustrated!

7. The company then asked us to leave the office. We then wondered around for some lunch, and exhaustingly sat at a table in KFC. We then had a normal KFC meal.

8. After that, we decided to go back home. We walked to the bus stop, only to realize we missed a bus. We had to wait for another 30 minutes! My mother suggested that we go to the commuter train station, and said that would be quicker.

9. When we arrived at the train-waiting place, my mother didn’t notice a worker telling us that we supposed to get to the next row to get our train, so we missed it… another 30 minutes wasted!

10. Finally, the train came, so we took it and arrived at a place near my house, and then took a minibus back to the bus stop, and had to walk all the way home! How exhausting. I knew I couldn’t walk another step.

11. Luckily, a kind taxi driver in a taxi came and fetched us home, I was relieved. I then arrived home, exhaustingly, to realized that it was 5:00 pma whole day used for nothing!

12. I should have stayed at home and learned to use Adobe PhotoShop all by myself, since I had the ability to do so. That should save a load of precious time!

Lessons from This Story

At least I learnt an important lesson from my exhausting, frustrating, annoying trip:

Before going to a meeting, event, or a place, make sure you know what will go on there.

Time is precious, and can never ever be taken back, that’s why we must use time wisely.

Time is money, and money is time.


Victory! I won the Kill the Guru Contest!

Hi, I won the contest! What contest? Oh, the contest at Gobala Krishnan’s blog.



LOL. That was just a funny screenshot of the game.

Well, at first I got a score of 36. But somebody beat me and got a score of 40. Boy, I thought I would never beat that. But, I tried and tried, then got a score of 44! And then the contest ended. And victory….and…oh yes, I gotta show you the rows of some quite funny comments.

(There are markings on the picture below because I edited it :D)


The End!


Re-kill the Gurus… Bwahahahahahahahaha

Hi, somebody beat me in the game kill the guru game at Gobala Krishnan’s blog. So, I made another attempt and…woohoo! A higher score of 44! Ok, here’s the shot.



Kill the Guru…Mwahahahahahaha

Hey, I played this ‘kill the guru’ game here, at Gobala Krishnan’s blog and I got a high score of 36! Woohoo!


Why don’t you play the game and see if you can beat me?