Performing the 1Malaysia Song that I Wrote (and my tribute to my country)

Update 2020: This post is now outdated and archived, but feel free to read it to remember what it was like. ?

Today is 10/10/10, a very unique date, because the number 10 signifies perfection. 10 appearing three times in a date signifies perfect perfection 😉 .

So, I would like to quickly release the first version of the 1Malaysia song that I wrote and composed after I finished my UPSR exam on 23 September.

Here’s the video of me performing the song, titled Kita 1Malaysia. I dedicate this song to our beloved Prime Minister and First Lady who initiated the 1Malaysia spirit, & every Malaysian.

In this video, I am wearing Baju Melayu, a traditional Malay outfit. I also sung the song in Malay because it is our national language.

This is the first version of the song. The complete version of it, sung in Tamil, Mandarin and English, with its instrumental, will be uploaded on 20/10/2010! 🙂

Here are the lyrics of the song:

Kita 1Malaysia

Malaysia, kita Malaysia, kitalah 1Malaysia,
Malaysia, kita Malaysia, kitalah 1Malaysia

Sejiwa, untuk Malaysia,
Sehati, kita bersama
Tak kira, agama dan bangsa,
Bersatu, kita berjaya

Kita 1Malaysia,
Kita hidup sejahtera
Kita maju ke hadapan,
Kita 1Malaysia

Malaysia, kita Malaysia, kitalah 1Malaysia, 
Malaysia, kita Malaysia, kitalah 1Malaysia

Hormati, dengan penuh nyata,
Diversiti, kegagahan kita,
Hidupkanlah, jiwa 1Malaysia,
Kesatuan, destini kita

(CHORUS) (x3)

Malaysia, kita Malaysia, kitalah 1Malaysia, 
Malaysia, kita Malaysia, kitalah 1Malaysia

Rakyat didahulukan,
pencapaian diutamakan


We Are 1Malaysia

Here are the lyrics translated into English

Malaysia, we are Malaysia, yes we are 1Malaysia,
Malaysia, we are Malaysia, yes we are 1Malaysia

One spirit for Malaysia,
One heart, we will be together,
Not counting religion or race,
United, we are successful.

We are 1Malaysia,
We live in harmony,
We move toward success,
We are 1Malaysia

Malaysia, we are Malaysia, yes we are 1Malaysia,
Malaysia, we are Malaysia, yes we are 1Malaysia

Treat each other with reverence,
Diversity is our strength
Liven up the spirit of 1Malaysia,
Unity is our destiny

(CHORUS) (x3)

Malaysia, we are Malaysia, yes we are 1Malaysia,
Malaysia, we are Malaysia, yes we are 1Malaysia

People first,
Performance now!


There! I hope you like my song! Please come back on 20/10/2010 to watch the complete version of it.*

*Due to unforeseen circumstances, I apologize that the full version is delayed. Still, I’m working on it and I hope to release it as soon as possible! =)

I wrote the song because I would like to express my patriotism and also to share the beauty of my country to the world. My country is made of 3 major races – Malay, Indian, and Chinese. So, we can easily get to know different cultures and religions.

To get to know more about my unique country, you can view my blog post about Malaysia filled with colorful pictures.

The post is about Kuala Lumpur, the “heartbeat” of Malaysia, with modern buildings, landscaped parks, fabulous food, colourful bazaars, multiple cultures-religions-traditions, you name it.

In fact, this blog post is an entry of the Blog4FT contest, in which I won the second place in the Junior category (below 18).

Second from right is Datuk Raja Nong Chik, the Minister of the Federal Territories and Urban-wellbeing, who initiated the contest.

I believe it’s a blessing to talk about the beauty of your own country, because in return, you’ll be blessed one way or another.

My tribute to the Prime Minister and the First Lady of Malaysia

5065533578_58f2db78f5 I got to know more about my country when we got a new Prime Minister, Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak. I really admire him because he is a very wise Prime Minister, and handsome too. 🙂

According to his principles, he wants to make sure that the government achieves a society-centered condition.

He always looks for people’s feedback and participation about his ideas so that he can flash out his best policies for his country.

1malaysia His wisdom and humility inspired him to create the 1Malaysia vision, “People First, Performance Now”.

His Government Transformation Programme (GTP) GTPwill lead our country towards a high-income society towards 2020. With his wisdom and diligence, I believe this GTP program will be a success and bless every rakyat (people) of Malaysia..

“You know that when I make a promise I make sure that it is delivered,”  he said on October 8, in front of a crowd of 13,000 Malaysian Telugus at the 150-year Malaysian Telugu Heritage Celebrations. (source: The Star, 9 Oct 2010, pg N2) My Prime Minister is truly a man with highest capability and humility.

rosmahsummit I also adore my First Lady, Datin Paduka Seri Rosmah Mansor, who, to me, is the most beautiful First Lady among all First Ladies in the world. I regard her as the Mother of Love of Malaysia, as she is very focused on children education.

She is the pioneer of the PERMATA Pintar Project, in which she locates gifted children to bring them up in a special school, which is opening next year for gifted teens 15 and above.

Very memorably, last year on 10 July 2009, she took notice of me. So, she and my Prime Minister organized a press release as encouragement and recognition of my talents as a funny poet and a tech blogger.

During the meeting, the Prime Minister read aloud my poem Autumn from my poetry book  Creative & Funny Poetry for Kids, which was published in June 2009. I was very happy that he enjoyed my poem.

I also acted out my poem If I Did Write a Poem, and they enjoyed it and laughed.

(By the way, you can get my poetry book at

This is one of the most memorable events in my life. I really thank my Prime Minister and my First Lady for giving me such appreciation, recognition, and encouragement. =)

And most recently, my First Lady has organized the first ever First Ladies Summit, themed ”A Child Today, A Leader Tomorrow”, which will be attended by First ladies, ministers and special envoys from 31 different countries.

The summit will focusing on issues pertinent to children, such as poverty, domestic violence, stress, lack of parental care, etc.

The purpose of the summit was to discuss the matters above in order to find solutions to  the problems so that

  1. rosmahwithchildrenthe current generation of children will grow up to become good leaders.
  2. the future generation will not have the face the problems mentioned.

You can see that the reason I call her the Mother of Love is because she is really diligent in taking care of issues related to the welfare, especially the education, of children.

Meanwhile, my country’s education system is very advanced. Part of the GTP is the National Key Results Area (NKRA), which aims to provide accessibility to quality education. It focuses on four areas – pre-school education: the literacy and numeracy programme (LINUS); high muhyiddunperformance schools (HPS); and improved performance management of head teachers and principals.

MOE A great thanks to our Minister of Education, Tan Sri Dato’ Muhyiddin Yassin, (who is also the Deputy Prime Minister; left) and his team in MOE for providing quality education for all.

I feel so proud to be a Malaysian  student because our country’s education system is always being updated and upgraded. 🙂

Photo credits: The Prime Minister’s flickrThe Malaysian Insider, First Ladies Summit, MOE official site

On 10/10/10, I also gave a special present to the Prime Minister of Malaysia after his speech in MCA (Malaysian Chinese Association). The present is a portrait of him that I drew and a poem of him that I wrote to show my appreciation for his excellence in leading the country and for his birthday.

While I was giving my present to him, I told him that this is my special portrait for him for his birthday. He looked at it and enjoyed it, and jokingly asked me why I drew his moustache all black and his hair all white. Then everybody laughed =P . Haha. Actually, I drew it like that because it makes my Prime Minister look more fun and handsome.

He showed my portrait and poem to the press who were busy photographing him. I found out that the photograph was published in Sin Chew Daily. A big thank you to Sin Chew for acknowledging my gifts. 😀

From right to left: MCA President Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, Deputy MCA President Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai, my mom Grace, & me.

Here is the large version of the portrait and the poem.


There! I hope you have enjoyed my song, my tribute to my country, and my portrait and my poem of the Prime Minister! 🙂

Hope you all readers have a great day! Cheers! =)


7 Must-Haves to Starting a Website

Update 2020: This post is now outdated and archived, but feel free to read it to remember what it was like. ?

This post is written by Kirsten Ramsburg of

Websites come and go and if you want to add a website to the mix there are seven basic steps to follow.

1.Get a Domain Name

Internet addressing can be technically confusing. The domain name will serve as the identity of your website. So choosing a good one is important and it should be easy to remember.

If it’s a commercial site, it should be descriptive of your product or services.

One thing to watch out for is that the name you want might already be in use. Websites such as can tell you what names are taken and offer alternatives in case the one you have in mind is already taken.

The name needs to be registered through a domain name registrar or a host.

Image by crystaljingsr

2. Find a Host

A webserverAn internet host is a company that owns computers called webservers.

After your website is uploaded to the host server, it handles all the work of receiving and answering requests for it.

Many companies will not only host your site but will also register your domain name. You may have to pay for both but the web hosting market is very competitive and it is possible to find cheap web hosting with a single company.

Photo by mayhem

3. Target Your Audience

Why do you want a website? If it’s a personal site for family and friends, then you already know your audience.

If it’s a website to promote a business venture, you need to narrow down the audience to the people who would benefit from visiting your site.

Whether it’s an established or new business venture, it’s still important to consider such variables as age, economic status and computer savvy of your intended audience.

Photo by

4. Design Your Website

paintDesigning your website rests heavily on the previous step of defining your audience. Deciding what you want to achieve comes before deciding how to achieve it, and both are best accomplished by a pen-to-paper outline.

Keep in mind, that often the simplest design is the best design. This is a good place to decide which keywords to incorporate into the design to facilitate your site being picked up by search engines.

Image by John-Morgan

5. Build Your Website

There are two choices. Hire someone to get it done or do it yourself. If you’re new to website building and have decided on a complex multi-page site you should consider hiring a professional. That can be pricey.

If you’re a beginner, there are a number of variously priced software programs that offer “professional” results with templates and drag-and-drop mouse moves.

Photo by woodleywonderworks

6. Publish Your Website

The steps are getting easier. This one involves uploading your website files to the host that you’ve chosen. Almost all of them offer easy to follow instructions on how to get your materials to their webservers.

Most of those software packages also include directions on how to do this, and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) applications can be used for speedier uploading.

7. Test and Maintain

Not all web browsers are created to equally view websites. If you’ve not tested your site on various browsers during the building phase, certainly check it once it’s online and make the necessary corrections.

Maintain your site on a regular basis. There are few things more irritating to a web user than going to a site that has outdated information.

Photo by .robbie

Kirsten Ramsburg is a frustrated journalist and is currently putting all her passion for writing as a senior writer for guide.



14 Important Things to Do After Starting Your WordPress Blog

Update 2020: Originally this post had 17 things to do, but 3 of those things are outdated, so there are only 14 things to do now! 🙂

So, you’ve got a brand new wordpress blog!wordpress-logo-stacked-rgb

Now what?

This post will tell you what you need to do after you start your wordpress blog.

If you already have a wordpress blog, you can still do these things if you haven’t done them yet 😉 .

So, here is my checklist of the 17 important things to do after starting your wordpress blog! Enjoy! 🙂

(Psst…If you’re thinking about why you should start a blog, >> 22 Reasons for You to Blog
And if you don’t use wordpress, click here to read about why you should use wordpress).

1. Decide whether you want to ‘www’ or not

www If you have noticed, some blogs, like, don’t use the ‘www’ in their address. And some blogs, like, use the ‘www’.

So if you type, it will redirect to, and vice versa.

One advantage of having a www is your blog address will look more formal.

And if you don’t use the ‘www’, your address would be shorter.

To decide, go to and change both the ‘WordPress address’ and ‘Blog address’ to, or vice versa.


WWW Image by bull3t

2. Set up a feed so people can subscribe to your blog

If you are wondering what a blog feed is, it is a slimmed-down version of a blog that is created to be easily syndicated. You can subscribe to it using email or an RSS reader. A feed is represented by the orange RSS icon.

This is the orange RSS icon. Many people prefer to get updates of your new blog posts through this easy way.

You can set one up at feedburner (Here’s how mine looks like). It’s free and easy! Just type in your blog address and click Burn Feed 😉 .

After that, set up email subscriptions, which enables your readers to subscribe by email. Go to Publicize >> Email Subscriptions in order to activate it and get the form.

Not setting up email subscriptions is a big mistake when it comes to getting subscribers to your blog because most people don’t know about RSS readers. Also, about 50% of my blog subscribers subscribe by email, so email subscriptions is a must!

After that, put the form and the RSS icon on your blog and link it to your feed at feedburner so people can subscribe.feedburner

3. Install Feedburner Feedsmith

Feedburner Feedsmith is a plugin that detects all ways to access your original wordpress feed and redirects them to

This plugin is needed for feedburner to track every possible subscriber to your blog by redirecting those who access to feedburner. So, click here to install this plugin!

4. Subscribe to your own feed via RSS and email

It’s important to subscribe to your own feed, because it lets you see what your subscribers see, and when something is not right with your feed, you’ll notice. Besides, it boosts your subscriber count by 1 too 😉 . Hehe.

You can either use an RSS reader or email to subscribe to your feed, but it is best if you subscribe to both of them.

If you have a google account (which you most probably do – if you use Gmail, you have one), you can go to Google Reader. After logging in, click ‘Add a subscription’ and type in your blog address there.

5. Get your blog a favicon

A favicon is the icon you see next to your browser address bar and in your browser bookmarks. Gloson Blog’s favicon is .

It helps you brand your blog and also helps people locate your site more easily in their bookmarks.

To do this,

1. Create a square image and upload it to to generate a favicon.

2. Download it and upload the .ico file it using an FTP client to /wp-content/themes/yourthemefilename.

3. Go to the wordpress administration area and then go to Appearance >> Editor.

4. Click on “header.php” to edit it.

5. Add this code on the line just before </head>:

<link rel=”shortcut icon” href=”wp-content/themes/yourthemefilename/favicon.ico” type=”image/ico” />

(Be sure to replace ‘yourthemefilename’ with your theme file name 😉 )

6. Press Ctrl + F5 (Clear cache and reload) on your homepage. You should see it now! 😉

6. Change the permalink structure

A permalink is the address of a blog post. This post’s permalink is

By default, the permalink structure is like this:

Instead of the post ID, I suggest changing it to in order to gain SEO benefits. Also, if  a visitor looks at it, he will know what the post is about before clicking it.

To do this, go to and then, type in   “/%postname%/” in Custom Structure.


Don’t worry about broken links because the default structure will redirect itself to the new structure 😉 .

For example, this post’s old permalink structure is Click it and see what happens 😉 .

Link photo by cindy47452glosont

7. Write Your About Me page

An ‘About Me’ page is essential for every blog. When your readers are interested in your content, they want to know who wrote it. That’s when they go to the ‘About Me’ page.

Basically, it is just a page that tells who you are, what is your blog about, interesting things about you, and of course, a picture of yourself.

It really helps your readers to know you and your blog better! (Here’s my ‘About Me’ page by the way.)

8. Set up a contact form

A contact form is an professional and easy way for your readers to contact you. It also protects your email address from spammers.

There are some wordpress plugins that allow you to put up a contact form. I recommend Contact Form 7, a very popular contact form plugin.

After installing it, make a new page called ‘Contact’ and insert the form into it. (Here’s how it looks like on this blog 😉 )

9. and don’t forget the archive page too!

An archive page (here’s mine) is where people can find all the posts on your blog, from the first post to the latest post.

An archive page is important because it lets people discover your older content easily (and generate more pageviews).

To make an archive page, I recommend SRG Clean Archives, the one I’m using now. It’s clean and displays all your posts neatly.

If you are looking for a more creative and fun archive plugin, you should try Snazzy Archives, and here’s how it looks like.

10. Find a free theme and tweak it to make it unique

or hire someone to design it or design one yourself 😉 .

A theme (design) is really important to a blog because it represents the blog’s brand. Because if content is king, the design is the shiny robe and crown.

So I recommend you to find a not-so-common theme that you like. Then tweak it and make it a little (or better, a lot) different than the original.

One way is to change the structure of the theme by going to the Theme Editor ( in wordpress.

Another easier way is to change the images of the theme. The images are located in the theme’s folder.

After editing the images (like changing its color or texture), you can overwrite them to your blog using an FTP client like Filezilla.
(In the directory /wp-content/themes/yourthemefilename/images)

Be sure to press Ctrl + F5 to clear the cache to see the new design.

11. Set up your ping list

A ping list is a list of services that will be pinged each time you post. The services will notify sites and directories that you have posted a new post, thus giving you more exposure.

To set up your pinglist, go to the Update Services section in

And paste the sites you want to send a ping to. Note that the more pings you list, the more server resources your host has to use. So you might get suspended on a shared hosting if you use too much server resources.

This is a short recommended list of pings.

12. Install Google Analytics (or any site stats counter you want)

GoogleAnalytics Site statistics counters are important for you to monitor, analyze and study your blog’s traffic, so you can get to know your visitors better

I recommend Google Analytics, because it’s quite advanced and has lots of features. It’s free and all you need is a Google Account.

Google Analyticator, a wordpress plugin, allows you to easily add a Google Analytics tracking code.

Note: And please don’t become a stataholic! Write more posts!

13. Install WordPress DB Backup to schedule blog backups

WordPress Database Backup, a wordpress plugin, allows you to schedule blog backups (hourly, twice daily, daily, weekly) easily and have them automatically sent to you by email or stored in the server.

Backups are really important because if anything ever happens to your blog, you have the backup, your best defense.

14. Change the admin username

Most of the login usernames of wordpress blogs is ‘admin’. If your wordpress blog’s login username is ‘admin’, too, you should really change it to something that can’t be guessed easily because the default name makes hackers’ lives so much easier.

Changing it is super duper easy. Here are the steps to do it:

1. Go to the wordpress admin area.

2. Go to Users >> Add new

3. Fill in the details with a different username and give it administrator privileges.

4. Log out and log in with the new username.

5. Delete the ‘admin’ user.

6. When you do so, it will ask you whether you want to move the posts and links of ‘admin’ to another user or delete them. Attribute the posts to the new username you have just created.

Photo by Darwin Bell

15. Install the All-in-One-SEO Pack Plugin

All-in-One-SEO-Pack is a really popular wordpress plugin to do all the basic SEO things on your blog like page titles, post titles, meta tags, descriptions and those kinds of stuff. By default, the browser title of a wordpress blog post is:

Blog Title >> Blog Archive >> Post Title.

If you install All in One SEO, the structure will be changed to (or you can customize it):

Post Title | Blog Title

Which looks simply much better and shorter.

It also noindexes the date and category archives so that it won’t appear in search engine results pages and won’t receive duplicate content penalty.

16. Create your own 404 page

404error A 404 page is what your readers see when they go to a non-existing page on your blog. Like this:

By default, the page is just a ‘404 error – Page not Found’ 404 page that isn’t much help to your readers. Why not make it more helpful instead?

To do this, go to the wordpress admin area and then Appearance >> Editor. Click on 404.php to edit it.

Find the part of the code where it says <h2>404 Page Not Found</h2> or something like that. Then overwrite that line with this code (My version of a 404 page).

Be sure to make a backup of your old code before overwriting. It will probably work on most themes, but in some cases, it won’t, then you need to have a little bit of HTML knowledge in order to make it work.

<h2>404 Page Not Found</h2>
<p>Oopsie! The page you are looking for cannot be found! It might be renamed or removed. Please check your spelling or return to the homepage.</p>

<p>Or, you can also view our latest posts below. Hope you’ll enjoy them. Thanks! ;-)</p>

<h2>Latest Posts</h2></p>
if (have_posts()) : while (have_posts()) : the_post(); ?>
<li><a href=”<?php the_permalink() ?>” title=”Permalink for : <?php the_title(); ?>”><?php the_title(); ?></a>
<?php endwhile; endif; ?>

Feel free to edit and customize the code! 🙂 Do tell me if this code doesn’t work!

17. Write a post!

Still, without any content, a blog won’t be a blog.

So go on and write a post! Write a unique high-quality thought provoking post on a topic you are passionate about!

After that, promote it on twitter, facebook, stumbleupon, and so on and on. Ask your friends to read it too! 🙂

Photo by KatieKrueger

So here are my 17 things to do after starting a wordpress blog checklist. Be sure to bookmark this post and read it when you start a new wordpress blog! 😉

If you know of another thing to do after starting a wordpress blog, please tell me in the comments!

And if you have any questions, please drop me a comment and I’ll be very glad to answer it! 🙂


My Former Blog Host “Accidentally” Deleted My Blog! (And How I Fixed it)

Update 2020: This post is now outdated and archived, but feel free to read it to remember what it was like. ?

If you have been visiting my blog in the last 3 weeks, you could see that it had a lot of errors and it was behaving weirdly. Here’s why.

My former host, Host Commando, ‘accidentally’ deleted my blog.

And in this post, I will tell you how I restored my blog completely. I did not backup my blog for about 1 month, really! I had to restore the posts and comments in 1 month manually, which I’m going to tell you how!

What Happened

1. Host Commando’s billing system went wrong

My father paid the fees for next month’s hosting. But somehow, their billing system went wrong and said that my father didn’t pay. Then, my account was suspended.

2. They said they ‘accidentally’ deleted my hosting account and all the files

My dad went to their office and told them the matter. They said they were working on some sort of ‘transferring-into-a-new-server’ process or something. They also said in the process, they ‘accidentally’ deleted the files in my account!

3. What happened

Then, I changed the DNS (Domain name servers) of Gloson Blog to point it to my older host, which was outdated (25 September 2009). That’s why you might have noticed that my blog lost October’s posts.

(I also lost the information of my affiliates and customers of my poetry book on my other site, Poetry Talents too.)

Oh, and as I said, and I didn’t make any backups during October, so all the posts in October were gone!

How I fixed it

hostgator How to transfer blog hosts in 7 steps

So, I bought a HostGator account. I transferred the files from my older host to HostGator. Here are the 7 steps which I used to successfully transfer the blog files from one host to another:

1. Use the WordPress Database Backup Plugin to backup the database of your older host and download the database backup file.

2. Download all the files of your blog in wp-content from an FTP client like Filezilla.

3. Point the Domain Name Servers (DNS) to the new host so you can create an addon domain. If you don’t know what DNS looks like, it looks like this:

4. Go to your new host’s cpanel and go to fantastico, the automatic wordpress installation tool, and install wordpress.

5. Upload the database backup file to phpmyadmin (to the correct database using the import feature) in cpanel.

6. Upload and overwrite all the wp-content files to the same folder in the new host using an FTP client.

7. After that, your posts and pages will be 404 pages. Log in to your wordpress and navigate to every sub page under ‘Settings’ until ‘Miscellaneous. I don’t know why, but it works!

But the problem wasn’t over yet… the blog was still outdated!

So I had to restore the posts, comments, and other changes manually that were made after the latest backup.

1. How I Restored Posts
Windows Live Writer
Luckily, I use Windows Live Writer (WLW) to write my posts. It stores all your blog posts in your computer.

So, I opened the October posts in my computer and edited the publish date to the date they were published. Then, I published them.

Luckily wordpress has this feature that allows you to edit posts dates! That means you can publish a post with the date set to 1st of January 2001! And if you set the posts to a future date, they will be published at that time.

editdate2 editdate
How to edit publish dates in Windows Live Writer and WordPress

But..what if you didn’t use Windows Live Writer? Don’t worry, here are other methods.

Google Cache
You can also use Google Cache to get your lost posts (this works if only your posts are indexed).

Just type “cache:http://www.(yourblogaddress).com/(yourpost)/” in Google search and hopefully, you’ll get a cached version of your post of a particular date Google spidered your site.

Feed Reader
If you’ve subscribed to your own blog, that’s great! Because it lets you see how your other subscribers see your posts… and stores your posts in case you’ve lost them.

I subscribe to my blog via Google Reader. I’m not sure if this works for other readers but it probably would.

Just click your blog feed’s name and click ‘All items’. Your posts’ latest version will be displayed.

If you subscribe to your own blog via email, you can retrieve it from there.

2. Restoring Comments
Here’s how I restored my precious comments.

If you choose to receive blog comment notifications, which I think most of you do, you’ll receive the comment with the author’s name, email, website, and the date of the comment.

All I had to do is post the comments with the author’s name, email, and website, and set the correct dates. Though, the IP addresses were mine.

Thank goodness wordpress also allows you to edit comment dates, so I can edit the time and date to when the comment was posted, which is the time and date the comment notification email is sent to you.

You can also use Google Cache to help you.

3. Uploaded images
I had to re-upload the images that were lost. Just upload them from your computer into where it was before.

4. Updated Gloson Blog’s layout
I also updated Gloson Blog’s layout. I did this by checking my blog in Google Cache. I could see how the sidebar looked like and what the differences are.

I’ve learned my lessons

1. Backup Your Blog Regularly
If you are blogging on a small blog and you are not posting often, I recommend you backup every week.

But when your blog gets popular and you post very often, you should backup everyday so that you won’t lose your precious posts and comments.

Now I decided to backup two times a week.

2. Have a Backup Hosting
You should get a free hosting where you can place all your files there. Free hosting can be unreliable and can have down times often but who cares? You just need a place to store your backups.

3. Think carefully before buying a cheap host
Even though it’s cheap, a cheap host’s quality may probably not be very good and have frequent downtimes and errors and poor customer support. So you’ll end up losing more if you buy a cheap host.

Instead, buy a popular blog host that is recommended by a lot of people. Their quality would probably be high.

What you should do to make sure your blog is safe

1. Backup often

I’ve now got an alarm that reminds me to backup my blog twice every week. To backup,

1. Use the WordPress Database Backup Plugin to backup your blog’s database.

2. Download the backup file.

3. Download all the files of your blog in wp-content.

And don’t forget to test your backups!

2. Subscribe to your blog

If you subscribe to your own blog by RSS or email, you’ll receive your blog posts and can restore them in case they are lost.

Besides, you should also subscribe to your own blog to see how your feed looks like for other subscribers, and whether there are errors in your feed.

3. Get comment notifications by email/Subscribe to your comments

This will make sure your precious comments are safe. Comments are very precious and is one of the best ways to bring a blog to life.

Where Gloson Blog is hosted now

Gloson Blog is now hosted on HostGator, which is probably going to be a good host as I had heard from many. I hope there will be no more problems this time. I hope that now Gloson Blog is much faster too!

What’s been going on last three weeks

You might have wondered why it took more than half a month for this process. Well, it was because I was writing and illustrating my new poetry book for kids in which the poems are to be sung to the tune of ‘Row, Row, Row Your Boat’, which is done now.

1frontcover p01


So I hope you understand what was going on on Gloson Blog and why it was behaving weirdly. I hope there are no more problems or bugs on Gloson Blog (If there are some, please tell me!). I hope Gloson Blog will be running smoothly again!

If you have anything to add to this post, or if you have any questions, please comment! 🙂

Update (19 March 2010): Hostgator has been the best hosting for me! Almost no downtimes at all! =)

More tips from rocking commentators below

Gerald Weber

I had an interesting experience where a silly hosting company erroneously canceled my  account. Ever since that incident I always make full backups which is easy simple to do. In cpanel click on backups, generate and then generate and download a full backup.

It will email you once the backup is complete and then you can FTP the full backup to your hard drive. This will backup EVERYTHING. Files database and the whole nine yards.

Now the good news is Hostgator make full backups on all their shared plans every Sunday. So as a fail safe you can always get a full backup from them from the most recent Sunday.

Glad you got your blog back together. :-)

Marie Culver
I love Hostgator and I don’t doubt you will enjoy it too.

However, I wouldn’t recommend anybody depending on them or any other host to be responsible for backups. No matter how good the hosting is.

One, many hosts that include backup services have caveats, like file limits. Too many files or too large and you’re on your own. Hostgator has an “inode” limit (one file of any type equals one inode).

Two, even if a host gets back to you in an hour, that’s still an hour that your site is down when you could have fixed things yourself in a third of the time or less.

Three, there is no guarantee that a host backup is even that good or readily available. Sometimes files do get corrupted, you might need a backup right before the next backup cycle (you may have made many site changes by then), or if the host is having issues, your files are out with your site.

It’s better to take other steps and be able to verify that your backups are not only there, but viable for usage. An interesting site about backing up files is the Tao of Backup ( Ultimately it promotes a backup utility but it’s both entertaining and informative.

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