Things Got Wider

Hi, I just wanted to notify you that my blog has gotten a little wider, because I realized that in some monitors, my blog looks really narrow. So, I decided to widen it to make my blog look better in other computer screens. You see, I don’t notice my blog being narrow because of my little computer screen.

A wide monitor

My little monitor

After being resized, my blog looks this on my computer
See, I need the navigator to scroll left and right. Before I widened it, my blog fits just right in my computer, because my computer screen is little.

My blog should probably fit in your monitor.


Blog Stats

Hello, I think it is time I show you my blog stats. There are not so many visitors though (I need help driving traffic!).


Well, those are stats on 5th of November 2008 (I guess I am getting more visitors 🙂 ) by AddFreeStats. Most of the page views are made by me 😀 though, because when upgrading my blog, I have to refresh the pages to see the updates.