Meeting the Prime Minister and the First Lady of Malaysia

Today, my parents and I met the Prime Minister (Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak) and the First Lady (Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor) of Malaysia.

This meeting came about after my mom passed my poetry book, Creative & Funny Poetry for Kids, to Datin Seri to read; my mother believes Datin Seri is not only our First Lady, but also our Mother of Love for the children of Malaysia.

A few weeks after passing the book to Datin Seri, my mother received a phone call on the appointment.

I think our Mother of Love wanted to give me some encouragement to keep up my spirit of excellence in whatever I do, especially after completing my first poetry book.

I am really, really touched by her kind gestures to lift up my spirit to the climax.

It was a very exciting event meeting with our Prime Minister and First Lady. I performed one of my poems to them. They brought along some reporters of the media to introduce me to the people of Malaysia to show the “Malaysia Boleh!” spirit.

The Prime Minister and the First Lady also read my poetry book. The Prime Minister read my poem, Autumn, in front of everybody and said it was very good.


Here are some of the photos my father took during the event.   PICT0556 That’s my mother, me, Datin Seri Rosmah, and our Prime Minister. They were looking at my blog.

That was me acting out my poem, “If I Did Write a Poem”.

That was me doing the ‘Mighty King’ pose in the poem. 😀

And that was Datin Seri Rosmah giving a present to me. Thank you! (Datin Seri told me to share it with my little brother)


Update (12:30 am 11 July 2009): I just noticed that posted the video of me performing the poem I mentioned above. Here it is:

Here is the words to the poem, as seen in the book.


(My voice did not sync very well with the audio in the laptop, because unfortunately, the sound from my laptop is too soft, so I couldn’t match it well. Fortunately, the audiences, the PM, and the First Lady enjoyed my performance and laughed aloud, nevertheless. I hope you will enjoy it too!)

Update: (11:30 pm 11th July 2009): Today, my blog was down due to low bandwidth limit and too many visitors. I’m sorry for all the trouble and have fixed it now. I hope you didn’t mind.Ohoh

I have now got more photos to show you. Thank you so much, reporters for snapping them.

By TheStar.

By UtusanMalaysia.

By SinChewDaily
(That’s the Prime Minister and the First Lady looking through my blog post, A Beginner Guide to Getting the Most out of Twitter!)

By SinChewDaily
(That’s me, performing “If I Did Write a Poem”. My parents are at the back.)
Update (18th July 2009): I finally scanned all the newspapers that featured me. Here they are.

Please click on the pictures to see their full resolutions (You can even read them at full resolution!).

New Straits Times, 11th of July 2009. Gloson Teh, 11.

The Star, 11th July 2009. Gloson Teh, 11.

Sin Chew Daily, 11th of July 2009. Gloson Teh, 11.

Berita Harian, 11th of July 2009. Gloson Teh, 11.

Utusan Malaysia, 11th of July 2009. Gloson Teh, 11.

Nan Yang, 11th of July 2009. Gloson Teh, 11.

Guang Ming Daily, 11th of July 2009. Gloson Teh, 11.


I am extremely grateful to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib and Datin Seri Rosmah for giving me this opportunity to meet them.

I am also very grateful to the reporters for taking interest in me and my poetry book, and for taking the time to interview me. Your confidence in me encouraged me very much too!

I would also like to thank you, readers, for supporting me. Each of you played a part in giving me this opportunity to meet the Prime Minister and First Lady of Malaysia.

Cheers! 🙂


My First Poetry Book: Creative & Funny Poetry for Kids

Hey guys, guess what? My book, Creative & Funny Poetry for Kids, is finally launched! It is filled with creative poems and colorful illustrations to make you creative, funny, and happy!

You can get the book at the price of $9.97 USD.

If you order this book before the end of June, you will get a digital (PDF) version of my book, which costs $7.00 USD, for free.

There is also a two-tier affiliate program for this book; no purchase needed. If you are interested to become an affiliate, please join.

My mother also wrote a message regarding this book. It tells you about the production of my poetry book and some precious advice for all parents.

To know more about this book and its benefits, please head over to the article on Poetry Talents. You can also take a quick view of its contents here.


Go to to Read My Funny Poems

I ran a survey for Gloson Blog last month, asking what posts my readers like the best, all the howtos and tips, the blogging tips, the reviews on useful tools, or my funny poems. Most of them answered ‘All the howtos and tips’. But, another number of them answered ‘My funny poems’.

I don’t post my funny poems here, on Gloson Blog, frequently because this blog is not meant to be full of poems. It is supposed to be anything interesting that I learn.

Recently, I decided to remodel so that the people who loves to read my poetry can go there and read them (That was why I didn’t post here, recently).

I won’t post my poems on Gloson Blog anymore. Instead, I’ll post them on Poetry Talents. So, please go there to read them. has been dominant for a long time (P.S. If you want to see the old, click here). I created it using a web creator software. I didn’t update it for about…more than 6 months.

That’s because the computer that has the web creator software was dominated by viruses. When the computer is back again, I was lazy to post a new poem because it is not an easy progress – I had to

  1. Open the web creator software
  2. Make a new page in which I will post the poem.
  3. Link to the poem from the ‘Funny Poetry’ page.
  4. Click ‘publish’.
  5. Wait for it to finish (Sometimes this takes a long time).

That was February 2008.

Building a website with WordPress

After I had more experience in blogging, I realized that wordpress can create sites! No need expensive web creator software. Plus, it is easier! All I need to do is to ‘steal’ the code from the already coded code in any theme (/wp-admin/theme-editor.php).

For example, look at the homepage of It’s a list of the 10 recent poems. When I post a new poem, it automatically puts the newest poem at the top of the list, and removes the last poem. Well, how did I get the code? Look at Gloson Blog’s footer…see the recent posts list? Yeah, that’s where I got the code.

Now, when I post a new poem, I’d just have to

  1. Open Windows Live Writer.
  2. Paste the poem.
  3. Hit ‘Publish’ (It takes a short while).

Maybe, I’ll write a post on how to create a website by just using wordpress, or how I remodeled Poetry Talents, soon.

Poetry Talents

And as for the poems that are on Gloson Blog, I deleted some of them and redirected the URL to the same poem on Poetry Talents with a plugin called ‘Redirection’.

I will post poems more frequently there because…That site is meant for poetry!

I also installed a rating plugin that lets you rate my poems (1-5 stars). The best 20 poems (The ones with the highest rating) will be displayed at the sidebar. So, please help me to rate the poems . It will help my Poetry Talents readers find the best poems to read.

Maybe, besides poems, I’ll post tips on how to write funny poetry, or site news. Maybe, I’ll also start a forum where you can discuss stuff, or post your funny poems there (The best ones would be posted). So, instead of being a guest blogger, you become a guest poet 🙂 .

To read my poems, please head to Poetry Talents. I hope you’ll enjoy them.

P.S. And don’t forget to rate them! 😉


Flash Flood in My Area

2 days ago, there was a flash flood in Subang Jaya, where I live. The flash flood is near a factory. Good thing I live on the high ground, where the flash flood can’t reach. So, I’m safe.

When the rain poured, lightning struck my house electricity, so, I took some photos of my cats… Then, my father fixed it…But lightning stuck again…so I took more cat photos.

Isn’t he adorable?