How To Make Watercolor Effects on Pictures Using Microsoft Paint

Update 2020: This post is now outdated and archived, but feel free to read it to remember what it was like. 🙂

One day, I was editing a picture using paint. I saved the file in GIF Format. Out came a window:


I clicked yes, and do you know what happened? There are dots on the picture, just like pictures on newspaper. Then I thought, “Now, the picture is not nice,” so, I clicked undo…and the picture changed into a picture that looks like a painted picture!

Here are some of them.




The Visit to FRIM

It was exciting! I have never been to a field trip with my schoolmates before! I went to FRIM (Forest Research Institute Malaysia) on 26 July 2008 with my school as a field trip. I learned about the trees and plants over there.

It was fun, I had to hike. It was tiring but fun . Unfortunately, I did not see any animals (they must be sleeping).

The Journey Begins

So, we (me and my schoolmates) got in the bus, and the bus stared moving. It is a long ride. On the way there, I saw my old house area.

Finally, we arrived at FRIM. After coming down, I had nasi lemak, a kind of spicy Malay food.

Two-ur Guides

After we eat, we lined up in four lines as teacher said. Then two female tour guides came and introduced themselves. We were divided into two groups.

The Hike Begins

So, we began our hike through a high hill (more like a small mountain). It was tiring (because I took my bag up with me), but fun.

On the way, my group’s tour guide showed us a blue fern and told us that it reflects sunlight. So, it is blue. The parts that are not affected by the sunlight, stays green.

The tour guide also explained about the liana tree. Local people call it ‘Tarzan’ tree. She explained that there is water inside the tree.

The blue fern and the liana (the vine)
(Sorry because I did not bring my camera and these
are only photos of the things I saw from the internet
and that means I took none of the photos here)

Huge Steps

After that, we went into a small path, you have to walk up the hill (there are rocks and planks as ladders. You have to take huge steps to go up).

It was very tiring because walking up is pushing yourself up each step. At least we got to rest when we are hiking 🙂 .

The Canopy Bridge

Soon, after the huge steps, we arrived at the canopy bridge. We had to queue up to walk on the bride because the bride can support only a few people at a time.

It was a long queue. But I just couldn’t wait to walk on the bridge! How exciting it would be! I waited and waited. And finally, hello, bridge!

Hello, Bridge!

I walked on the bride carefully. I am not afraid of the heights. It is more exciting than scary; more like an adventure. I loved to look down and see how high the bridge is! I reached a spot where you can see a beautiful view of a part of the town.

Finally, I got down from the bridge and continue hiking; down this time.

The Jungle Adventure Begins

So, we got were hiking down, to another part of FRIM, it is part of the hill, too but it looks more like a forest this time and we don’t have to take huge steps because we are not going up.

The tour guide first explained about the common fern and the giant fern, and tells that it reproduces by spores (we had already learned this in class). The common fern has spores on its bottom while the giant fern has spores on its sides.

After that, we went in the area and the tour guide explained about the ficus tree. Its roots could store water and they are strong, too.

Then, we saw the jelutong tree. It is the tree that we use to make pencils because the wood is light and strong. It has rubber, too; in which we use to make chewing gum.

Next stop is the camphor tree. Its leaves smell like mangoes and its trunk, ointment.

After that, we headed to the elephant tree. Its roots are shaped like an elephant’s head. Too bad I didn’t get a photo of that 🙁 .

The tour guide explained about more trees, but there are some that I can’t remember.

The Garden

It was fun there too. We got to see a big fish and turtles at the pond. We said bye to our tour guides. I learned a lot there. After that, we followed our teacher to the cafeteria.

The Last Hours at FRIM

We had lunch. I ate rice with a salty egg (I love salty eggs). I talked to my friends, ate ice cream.

After that, teacher led us to a place near a waterfall (in FRIM) where some people went swimming. We watched the people swim and rested.

Then, we went to visit the traditional houses of Malaysia. Too bad we are not allowed to get inside it.

The Wheels on the Bus Goes Round and Round

Finally, we got in the bus to go back. The bus has a TV on it, and I watched a movie 🙂 . And the effect is carsick (rather bus-sick) 🙁 . I was feeling uncomfortable and tired.

Finally, I arrived at school (you arrive at school before the drivers take you home), good thing too. I got a free chrysanthemum drink from teacher (it cured my carsick…or bus-sick). The oxygen also made me feel better. But I was very, very tired.

So, I rested on a bench, and almost slept! Luckily, my friend woke me up…by walking out of school when I opened my eyes. So, I finally decided I’d cycle back home (I cycle to school).

What I Like at FRIM

I liked everything (except the bus-sick part), but I liked the canopy bridge the most. You feel like you are walking on air! I loved to look down (I mentioned this earlier). You feel like you are going through an adventure!

Next, I like the walk through the forest part. I loved to see the trees and hear the tour guide explain. I also loved the part when the tour guide asked us to crush a leaf from a camphor tree. It really smelled like mango, while the trunk smelled like oil.

I also liked the part where I took big steps 🙂 . It was really tiring but really fun, too. I liked the part where I drank spring water. It tastes like normal water but is nicer and colder.

I really learned a lot and…


(Maybe next time when I go there again I would bring my camera and post all the original photos here)


Linking Memory

Hi, let me introduce to a product named Linking Memory. It teaches children to memorize things in a fun-filled way.

It shows photos of things while the narrator tells the story. To know more about it, visit . It will tell you everything you should know about the product.

Here’s a video of my brother showing off his memory talent relating to the product:


How to Write Funny Poetry

Ok, this is how I started. I began writing poems after I read some funny poems from the internet. I wanted to write poems like the poets too. So, I started.

At first it was hard to think a funny idea to write it. I thought and I thought and I thought. But I finally thought of one and wrote it.
It is titled My Rotten Day. The day after I wrote it, I wrote another poem in school titled A Birthday Indeed. When I arrived home, I wrote another poem titled My Confession.

Say You Can!

From that day on, I continue writing poems.
But how did I learn how to write them? From school, of course!
But how did I succeed? Why didn’t I fail?
The answer is simple: You keep on writing. You don’t give up.
When you stop writing, you fail. You don’t stop writing just because someone says badly about your poem.
You keep on writing. You keep on going. Then you succeed.

When you finish writing your poem, don’t look so gloom and depressed. Praise yourself! Yes, that will make you happy and satisfied. Don’t ‘trash’ your poem. You know you can always modify it to make it better. Some poems you are not satisfied with are a satisfaction to other people. In other words, the poems you think that are no good, are good to other people (while some are no good to them).

One fine day I realized that the poems I write now are better than the ones I wrote before. This means that if you use your talents, you will have more. And if you say you don’t have talents, you will have none.

Funny Ideas

How do I get funny ideas? I think! First, think of something funny to write about a subject. Then, add a funny ending.
For Example: My dad cooks very badly and burnt our food so he was forced to order pizza for us!
Finally, make the story into a poem!
One more thing: Write down the idea to your notebook or computer so that you don’t need to spend much effort remembering them.

Where do I get funny ideas? Sometimes I think, sometimes the idea just comes to you. Sometimes, thinking of it is easy; sometimes, it’s hard.
When you want to think of a funny idea, you start with a subject:

  • Yourself
  • Your father
  • Your mother
  • Your brother
  • Your pet
  • Your house
  • A tall building
  • Animals
  • Birds
  • Monsters
  • The sea
  • A frog
  • Escaping from school
  • An annoying person
  • Or something else…

Now, you think what’s funny, absurd, or unique about them. Hmmm… Let’s start with…Escaping from school. Now, what’s funny or surprsing about escaping from school? Your teacher punishes you (of course, when you accidentally bumped into your teacher)! Aha… That was a good one. You can make that a funny ending. Now, when you talk about that, you may go to other subjects with a funny ending involving escaping from school. After that, WRITE YOUR POEM!

Here is an example:

The Monster

One sunny day, I escaped from school.
I met a monster which was starting to drool.
It looked at me and licked its lips
and used its hands to grab my hips.

It stared at me and rubbed its tummy.
It licked its lips; then it said, “Yummy!”
I stared at it and perspired in fear
as the monster smiled and shook its rear.

It tossed me high up to the air;
I thought I was having a nightmare.
I screamed a scream and blinked a blink
as I fell into its mouth which really stink.

The monster tasted me and said, “Yucky!”
It spat me out; I was quite lucky.
I flew out of the monster’s mouth
like a cannonball; I was heading south.

I thought it would be my last,
but I landed at the entrance of my class.
And because I escaped from my school,
my teacher whacked me like a fool.

There, a funny poem! Did you laugh?

Well if not, then at least it made you smile or happy.

Exaggeration Poems

How do you write exaggeration poems? Exaggerate something to make it much more or much less than what it is.

  • The world’s highest skyscraper; it is higher than you think.
  • The fastest tortoise on Earth; it runs fast as you can blink.
  • The slowest hare in the world that’s slower than a snail.
  • The proudest fox in the world which has a big, long tail.
  • The best singer in the world; she makes people’s hearts melt.
  • The loosest trousers; you can’t hold it with the strongest belt.
  • The smallest building; you see it with magnifying glass.
  • The shortest man in the world or maybe the tallest grass!

Well, that rhymed didn’t it? Okay, let’s focus on the title The World’s Highest Skyscraper. Now, you create the details (describers of the main idea). What can the world’s highest skyscraper have or do?

  • Well, it reaches beyond the sky.
  • It is also strong.
  • It has many, many floors.
  • It can hold many people.
  • It has many doors.

Now, the last thing to do is to add a funny ending. Now, you can make it what a person doesn’t expect it to be, the funniest thing about the subject, or something else funny (Well, see whether you could guess the funny ending for my next poem). You are then ready to WRITE YOUR POEM!

The World’s Highest Skyscraper

The world’s highest skyscraper
is very, very high.
It reaches so very, very
far beyond the sky.

The skyscraper is very high;
it is very strong too.
It holds onto Earth so tight
it won’t fall on me and you.

Just imagine how tall it is,
it has more than a million floors!
It can hold more than a million people
It has ten million doors!

Push the highest button on the lift
to go to a special place;
When you arrive at your destination, a voice
would say: “Welcome to space!”

Well, you weren’t expecting that ending, were you? You are probably having a surprised face, like this,

Don’t Hesitate

I have a thing to tell you:
You don’t necessarily need to think of a funny ending before you write a poem. Just start to write your poem and the funny ending will just come to you soon.
Sometimes, if you think of a funny beginning like ‘A thin pig and a fat baboon jumped across the crescent moon’, just scribble or type it down in your notebook or computer. That could be the very beginning of your very funny poem!

Making it Better

Words can also make your poem funnier or more exciting.
The boy snatched my pencil sounds more exciting than the boy took my pencil.
The witch cackled and cackled sounds funnier than the witch laughed and laughed.
When my mother sees me, she cuddles me sounds more tender than when my mother sees me, she hugs me.
Use your thesaurus to help you find synonyms to make your poem better. And by the way, please look up the definition of the new word that you picked from the thesaurus as its meaning may vary.

There are many, many kinds of poems. There are limericks, couplets, diamante, haiku, rhyming, non-rhyming, free verse, and many more!

One more thing: How you write a poem is like how you build a building.
First, you must plan it (the subject and the details).
Then, you build it (writing the poem).
Finally, you paint and decorate it (modifying it to make it better).

More Notes

Well, sometimes I ‘finish’ writing a poem, but later I found out that it can be modified to make it funnier or better.
I never knew that it can be modified for the better.

And one more thing: Remember to be patient, and do things one step at a time. The more you write, the better your poems will be.
I heard this question from my friend, “How do you eat an elephant?”
The answer is: One bite at a time.

And Now, Have Fun Reading!

Oh yes, you can also view some of my poems

How to Set Up a Fish Store

First, you bring out all the things.
Next, you lay them all down.
After that, set a table,
then, lay the fish around.

You then need to put on the shade
then put some bright lights on.
Next, shoo all of the hungry birds
until they are all gone.

You then bring out a bucket that
is full of huge, fresh fish;
and next, you have to place them
on a quite large plastic dish.

Then, set up a folding chair;
a rest is what you need.
But I must tell you one more thing:
You’ll have a cat stampede.



I’m going to a
cliff with glee,
I’d glide with my chute,
feeling free.
I’d drift in the air
like a bee.
It’s a parachute
day for me!
I am jumping off;
one, two, three!
I’m lucky that there’s
This will be nice,
I guarantee.
I’m relaxing so
Here comes the wind.
I shouted, “Wee!”
Oh no, I’m landing
in the sea.

What the Principal Said

“You can have much
food as you like.
The school now lets
you bring your bike.

“You can do what
you like at school.
You can play, and
laugh like a fool.”

Loud screams, shouts, and
‘hoorays’ are heard,
but teacher then
ended his word,

“You can holler;
There are no rules!
And one more thing:
April Fools!”

Creeping out of Class

Math class was so boring that
I crept out of the room.
I needed to be careful so
I won’t fall with a ‘boom!’

In just one minute, I would be
out of school; you could tell.
Unluckily, I was distracted
by a tasty smell.

The school lunch lady was preparing
‘Yummy Dessert Dream’.
On it there were some crunchy nuts
and sweet strawberry cream!

I then was running quickly
to the smell, faster and faster.
I then collided with someone
and it was the headmaster!

He stared at me angrily because
I got his attention.
And that’s the reason I was whacked
and punished in detention.

If you want to read more, go to

I hope you like them!

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