An Animal Video Clip I Made

I made this video clip months ago…but forgot to share it (silly me). It consists of pictures of animals – insects birds, mammals, fishes, and loads more! The pictures act to the music.

Where did I get the pictures? From the Internet, of course, which I collected when I was 8. I have over 700 pictures of living things (mostly animals) in my collection…and they are currently in my computer. Some are corrupted, though.

This clip is made using Showbiz using Arcsoft. What encouraged me to do this is the lost of my (maybe even better) old clip of animals that I made when I was only 3 – 6 (I can’t remember). I was good at computer at my young age. I did not know of the Internet when I was young…good thing too (or not I would be addicted to online games like my brother).

That’s enough talking…time for watching – Grab your popcorn and drinks; it’s gonna start!

Update: YouTube cut off the ending of my video! Dang! In the end, there is a sleeping kangaroo with a sound of snoring.

Haha…sort of funny, right? It has not so good quality because it’s format is WMV; because WMV takes up less space. If I saved it in the AVI format, it would take up over 200MB! Wow! If anyone know a format that takes up lesser space and have good quality than WMV, comment it!

So comes the end of this little article…hope you enjoyed the clip; it took me more than a week!

By Gloson

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Mp4 will be the best to upload to youtube.
Try it out.
Don’t worry about the size or what. Youtube is free isn’t it? Just upload it. Just make sure the resolution is not very high, keep it below 720p or 640p.

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