Alex Fraiser Interviews Me at Asnio


Recently, Alex Fraiser, a 16-year-old blogger who is the founder of Blogussion, interviewed me. He asked me some really fantastic and thought-provoking questions. And I think you would like to see my responses 😉 .

Today, my interview with Alex Fraiser is published on his blog, Asnio.

Here’s a part of the post. To view the full interview click here.

When you think of a young entrepreneur, you usually think of some one like Mark Zuckerberg or maybe even my dude Michael Dun­lop. How many people think of the really young people? The kids? I’m 16 myself, and there are probably hundreds of other 15–16 year old entrepreneurs. But how many of you would think of an 11 year old kid as a young entrepreneur?

I know first hand that it’s not always wise to judge some one by their age, but what were you doing when you were 11? I bet no one was doing the things my friend Gloson Teh was doing. He is a blogging super star and yes, is only 11 years old.

He was willing to answer some questions for the Young Bloggers series I have going on Asnio, and he shares some very insightful and inspirational answers. Be prepared to be amazed.

To view the full interview click here.

By Gloson

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