My Cute and Funny Cats: 3

By Gloson On November 5, 2008 Under Uncategorized
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Welcome to episode 3 of the cats series! And please welcome the spy-looking cats, Orange and Blackie! P.S. Their stare at you is quite distracting, right? :)


Orange and Blackie
Orange and Blackie: “Just popping in to see what you are doing…Yup, sitting at your computer again.”


Orange: “I hope this tree is easy to climb…”


 Orange: “Now, this is what I call sweet water…

and I enjoy to drink it…Yummy!”

Fishy Wishy
Fishes: “I hope that we aren’t as yummy, or we’ll be dead meat!”


Me: So that’s where my wallet has gone. *Takes the wallet*

Me: Aha! There’s my dictionary! Seriously, can you please stop taking my stuff again?!


Me: And that’s one of the reasons we should always wash our hands after using computers.


Snowy: Hey there! Do you love my kittens?

Snowy: I love them sooooo much!


Orange: Ahhh….Time to sleep. Wait a minute, this place is too bright.

Orange: This is much, much better…Ahhhhhhh


Lovely: Howdy! Looks like it’s time to sleep. Don’t miss out ‘Some (Rather Funny) Photos of My Cats 4!


To be continued…Episode 4 ill be posted on 18th of November, so don’t miss it!)

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  1. Modern Rocking Chairs

    May 4, 2011
    4:29 pm

    They’re all so cute,,, but the best is the mother cat! She’s so love her kittens…!
    Modern Rocking Chairs´s last [type] ..Kids Rocking Chairs for Nursery

  2. Bern Rueda dot Info

    May 28, 2011
    3:58 pm

    Hi, obviously you really love cats. And I love them too. We have five cats in our house and they have all the same colors: black and white! :)
    Bern Rueda dot Info´s last [type] ..Support Bern Faceblog

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